1988 Mazda B2200 2.2


Affordable gas saving truck


Things that have gone wrong with truck.

High idle in mornings that will last sometimes 30 minutes.

Tapping noise from engine for the last 9 months. Took truck to a mechanic and he said it was a sticky lifter. Tapping has quieted down a little since adding some oil additives, but is still there. For the last few months car will sometimes surge when accelerating. Car has also died out a few times when I started to accelerate in fourth gear. This morning I was on my way to work and the truck just died on me in third gear. Truck will turn over, but it will not start. I do not think the timing belt has ever been changed. I do not know if its the timing belt, carburetor, air/fuel solenoid, etc? Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you.

General Comments:

Nice little truck that is great on gas.

Good runner as long as you take care of it.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2007

20th Oct 2014, 23:05

That sounds like the ICM (ignition control module). You can find it in the distributor, 2 screws and slide it out. Approximately $85 for the part and 2 minutes to replace.

21st Jun 2015, 04:58

I had the same prob with my truck till today. THANK YOU so much for this info... it really worked... My truck has been down over 3 weeks till today, and I fixed it myself; it really is that easy a fix. BTW I am a 53 year old gramma.

1991 Mazda B2200 2.2 injected


A dependable little GIANT!


Had to replace the master/slave cylinder for the clutch twice.

General Comments:

Outstandingly fine vehicle..... except for the $200 worth of repairs, it has been a very reliable vehicle.

Only four cylinders, and yet I've made 2 1,500 mile trips pulling approximately 4,000 lbs. On the last trip, I drove it in two separate spans of 17 hours and 20 hours (no joke!). And, other than a hot stick shift, the little monster pulled through - perhaps owing partially to Mobil 1 engine oil.

If I do buy a new vehicle within the next 10 years, it will undoubtedly be a spare vehicle - I'll drive my little truck until it's ready for the junkyard!!!

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Review Date: 30th October, 2000

8th Dec 2000, 15:00

I myself have a Mazda b2200. It has 300,000 km and has never broken down. We have one ton on the back and we pull one ton; strangely it's a quarter ton truck.

1st Jul 2002, 03:04

I'm with you guys on the "out-of-proportion" loads this truck can handle.

The factory rated the B2200 for a 1400 lb. load.

That's 2-200 lb. people up front and 1200 lbs. in the bed.

Some years ago, after my father passed away, I was left with trying to figure out what to do with a few "items" he'd collected over the years.

4 of these items were small-mid sized diesel engines.

I decided to donate them to a Marine Diesel School, since I had no use for them.

One engine was a 6 cylinder and probably weighed about 1500 lbs.

It was just about as long as the (short) bed in my truck, so I had to make 2 trips out of this.

The other 3 were two 3-cylinder models and a larger 4-cylinder.

I've seen weights for the 4 cylinder before and it's listed at around 800 lbs.

I assume the two 3 cylinder engines weighed around 500-600 pounds, each.

While I had to keep the truck in 4th gear for the two 60 mile trips, the truck delivered all the engines with barely a thought.

In fact, I was able to deliver the 4 cylinder and the two 3 cylinder engines all at once!.

However, a word of warning to other Mazda owners...

Shortly after that excursion, I noticed I had blown the rear axle seals on my truck and attributed this to the excessive weight I had recently carried.

I decided to replace the wheel bearings at that time also, just to be safe.

Remember, always try to work within the limitations of your truck.

My 1989 Mazda B2200 is rated for a max. 1400 pound load, that includes the weight of the driver and passenger(s), so take everything into account before loading up your truck.

While I'm satisfied that my truck was able to do the job I asked it to do, it's not something I think I'll ever make it do, again.

29th Nov 2002, 11:10

My 1991 B2200 has served me well also. I have never had a problem with it. The only maintenance I've done is that required. After all these years it still seems like a new truck. The only disapointing thing the low resale value for it.

On another not thought; The Toyota worshiper down the hall form me has had far more problems than I and they all cost a lot. I know Toyota has a good reputation I just think it funny that He can go through two Toyotas in the time I have only one Mazda.

Happy Trucking!

6th Mar 2004, 22:41

I have owned a 1993 Mazda 2200 since 1998. It had about 65000 km. on it when I purchased it, and it now has about 165000 km. on it. I have just driven across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax and back. What a little beauty!The burning oil problem mentioned by others is apparent and I will look into that soon. So dependable! Will keep it forever.