1992 Toyota Starlet GT 1.3


The best money you can spend on a car if you are a budget minded enthusiast!!



General Comments:

This is my "runabout" as the Skyline sucks too much gas. I wanted something small, reliable, cheap to run, and quick. Just what the doctor ordered.

The boost is up to 1 bar, with exhaust and intake filter.

Superb car for the money. Sips petrol. Reliable.

I drive it like I stole it, never has broken down on me. Truly phenomenal, and great potential. ekisela@hotmail.com

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2000

6th Jun 2001, 08:37

GT Starlets are one of the best small cars I have ever owned.

I had a 1992 GT Starlet and I was at some lights the other day, there was a V8 Holden Club Sport wanting a drag so I gave him one and beat him.

I have dragged off many cars with my GT Starlet, even my mother who drives a Skyline wants one.

Everyone should own one.