11th Nov 2001, 19:19

These cars will outrun any GTi, VTi, GTE or SRi.. they're a pure boy racer... all this from a 1.3 litre engine. 0-60 in around 7 seconds from my 93 GT.. rob gtturbo.

30th Nov 2002, 02:36

The GT Starlet is a quick reliable car, with only a small amount of modifications it will give a lot of cars on the road a good go. I have owned a few Turbo cars, but I have been most impressed by the GT starlet. Before I had my 1991 GT Starlet I owned a 1992 MR2 Turbo which went pretty good, but comparing it to the GT Starlet the Starlet will definitely keep up with the MR2 off the mark although the MR2 is 2L Turbo. If you have a GT starlet and your thinking of making it go even better I would recommend you add a external K&N air filter, 2.5" Exhaust system straight though off the turbo and a VR4 front mount inter cooler, this will give you a significant amount of power also you will find that your boost will creep up.

1st Jan 2003, 07:57

I currently own a Starlet turbo I too think it is the best car I've ever owned. It runs 0-60 times in 6.8 seconds and with a little modification I'm pushing out 140bhp with a lot more potential to go further yet.

The car itself only weighs approximately 860kgs and when combined with its superb turbocharger and 16valve 1300cc engine the power to weight ratio is phenomenal.

I've owned my 1992 registered starlet turbo for 3 years now and have no plans to sell it for a long time yet. In fact the only car I'm considering buying next after the one I own now is clocking up the miles is the newer version called the Glanza V.

14th Mar 2007, 14:41

Hi I am quiet new to this whole starlet gt thing is it possible if you can put a MR2 turbo engine in this 1.3 hatch cheers.

24th May 2007, 19:27

I've got some questions about the engine itself because I'm putting one in my 92 Toyota Tercel. Any info that will be important?

13th Aug 2007, 07:35

I own a Starlet GT (Ep82). It's fully modified, I've redone the engine to a 2.0 litre 5 speed manual transmission gearbox with bigger ratios. Denso platinum plugs, high performance air filter, bigger fuel pump, Blitz dump valve, and a lot of other tune ups.

My turbo right now boosts at 1.5 bar. I've dragged with Subaru's, Supra's and other cars. My next drag is with a Nissan 350Z this Friday the 17th.

My Starlet has never let me down, and I've never lost a race. Wish me luck.

I would say the Starlet is a very amazing little car

2nd Jan 2008, 11:07

I'm looking to buy a Starlet Glanza 1996/7 model. Should there be any mechanical problems or common problems with the Starlets I should look out for?. Will Toyota service the Starlets because they are imports?

13th Jun 2008, 03:03

I just picked up my first GT Starlet, and It's absolutely mental. So far it's pretty much completely standard, my big question is this tho, How easy is it to replace the turbo with a bigger unit? And what unit would any of you lovley people suggest? I was driving a Mitsi FTO MIvec, and that was quick,but I think this could definately keep up with it, if not beat it.