1997 Proton Tiara 1.1


Powerful Car


Drive shaft start giving problem at 70000 km.

Hard to find sport rims.

An analog clock to replace RPM meter.

Spare tire position at below.

Alternator always spoil.

General Comments:

I admit that this car is a very powerful car in its class compare to other, but it doesn't reach the requirement in the safety part. At high speed cornering, the back tyre always skid and slightly losses control. I have test the top speed of this car, but when it reach at that point the car is like floating, and the engine screaming like going to tear into parts!

I need some advise on upgrading this powerful vehicle.

Will turbo helps to increase this car performance?

How about changing the spark plug?

Is the air intake good enough?

Please e-mail me at alfredlok86@icqmail.com.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2004

1998 Proton Tiara GL 1.1


Value for money


Normal problems would be drive shaft(s) replacement, overheating, wiring and soft body panels.

Only thing I hated most is the dashboard display. No RPM, no temperature meter (once red is too late) and extremely inaccurate petrol readings.

Making me have to fix external RPM meter and temperature meter. But it looks cool anyway.

General Comments:

I bought my Tiara back in March 1999 brand new.

However I noticed a lot of Tiara owners in Malaysia don't know how to take care of the car. Or should I say they have no idea where to go to repair and do enhancements to the car.

But I am glad to once lead a club of more than 100 Tiara in Malaysia under AX Tiara Auto Club Malaysia (AXTAC).

Anyway, if you need help or parts, do let me know and drop me an email: rickwong@zerotohundred.com

Would be glad to assist fellow Tiara drivers.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2004

22nd Dec 2004, 13:03

You should have let me know earlier. I sold my Tiara for a really dirt cheap price as I was facing continuous overheating problems and gearbox 2nd gear problem. Send back to Proton only to be ripped of by them and they can't even solve the problem.

17th Feb 2005, 21:01

I Will contact you if I had problem with my lovely Tiara.

1996 Proton Tiara 1.1


Wonder if when I have done the overhaul... this Tiara will be much better... handling wise, good!


The drive shaft found damaged the second day I brought the car home.

It was leaking every heavy rain and the rear seat soaked with water.

The engine top cover gasket leaking causes the engine oil to spill all over the engine.

The engine is noisy and rough.

Difficult to start the car in the morning.

General Comments:

I bought my Tiara last November 2002 and I am the second owner. I bought it for RM9100 since it was in the original condition without any touch-up from the used car dealer. The exterior was poorly taken care of and so was the interior. The rear and front bumper seems to nearly fall off.

What I did was, when I drove home the car, I washed it clean, the whole body and the inside, though there are still scratches and stain spots all over it. I repaired the bumpers myself and checked some of the engine component which I know a bit about. I have changed the drive shaft which cost me RM265 each (L & R) and the front engine cover gasket unit.

I recently noticed that somewhere near the carburetor unit there is petrol leakage. When I drive to and from work from Sentul to Subang Jaya with the air-conditioning on... it costs me RM10 for 3 trips to-from-to work... there is a water leakage found at the rear of the car which causes the rear seat to be soaked with water whenever there is heavy rain.

Further more, the engine is sounds rough and noisy though I am inside the car with all windows closed driving 100km on the freeway. I read some of you guys comment, which claiming that the car is smooth and quiet... correct me if I'm wrong. I was thinking to overhaul the engine and lower the car which right now looks like a 4 wheel drive! Please advise.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2002

7th Mar 2006, 10:36

I hope all owners of Proton Tiara Cars should be compensated with a higher trade in. Most of the owners regretted very much when owning this model. I hope the manufacturer of this car should do something to make the Tiara Owners happy!.

21st Apr 2007, 11:03

I own a proton tiara since 2001. recently my car has a problem with air-con system. when the car is on the road, sometimes air con work with cool air ventilating around the cabin, but sometimes only ambient air coming out. I remembered last time I read a comment from the forum claiming that the wire connecting to the air con system is a bit thinner. suggestion is to change a bigger wiring to the air con system. Is it true enough to believe? I need some experienced expert to give a comment.

Thank you very much.

23rd Apr 2007, 03:48

Better dump your Tiara into longkang or river near by. Or, put your car into a museum.

14th Sep 2007, 00:26

I have a Proton Tiara which I bought in 1999. I only have a problem with the aircon after I year I bought it. So, far it only gave me minor problem only e.g. battery. So far I am satisfied with the car. The seat is very comfortable and it's the best car to snooke around when there's traffic jam in KL e.g. going to Bukit Bintang, Petaling Street and along Jalan TAR. Now the car is 7 years old. Can anyone let me know where to get the Carburetor for Proton Tiara.

16th Feb 2014, 19:21

Your comments are quite inappropriate. Proton Tiaras have a bad rap because many of their owners don't know how to care for them. As with many 'un-qualified mechanics' who simply dismiss the car as a poorly-designed car from Proton. Which brings to mind why they are such mechanics and not 'auto engineers'!

Malaysian drivers are generally a Japan-centric lot about cars. They fail to see that Proton tried to offer an alternative to Japanese clones like the Viva or MyVi. But the driving pleasure or spirit of driving the latter Perodua offerings are non-existent compared to driving Proton models like the Tiara or Savvy. Look, I am sure many Malaysians want to drive Peugeots, Renaults, Fiats or baby VWs. But the price is prohibitive on the average Malaysian Joe. That said, Proton should continue on the same track, building cheaper compacts sourced from the France or Italy, plus concentrate on improving build quality and after sales service.

That done, Proton will have no problems gaining more buyers for its compacts.