1996 Proton Tiara Proton 1.1GL 1.1 petrol from Malaysia


A cool babe on wheels


The radiator overheats frequently. This problem started after the car crossed 100,000 km.

Brakes are not effective. They have to be double tapped and I have taken them too many mechanics, but am unable to resolve the problem.

General Comments:

Well, besides the above, this car is generally a cool car. It is highly reliable, does not break down and has got a great acceleration.

To resolve the issue of overheating, I make sure that at the start of the day, I would top up the radiator water and the problem of overheating is solved. I have fixed an extra temperature gauge in my car to monitor the temperature. Please bear in mind that the temperature indicator only goes on after the engine temperature reaches 120C. That is a pretty high temperature and should be avoided should you want the lifespan of the car to be prolonged.

The cornering of the car and road handling is extremely good. Though this car runs at high speed, I have taken mine to 155 KM/ Hour, it is highly recommended that you do not do it that often. Please bear in mind that this car is a common saloon and its only a 1100 cc. Not to deny the fact that it is an extremely power packed car for its 1.1cc. In the Europe, this car has been used in rallies and not F1's. Rally cars are built for durability and reliability, not speed.

The seating position and driving position of this car is extremely good. I have had many car enthusiasists whom have actually driven my car and have commended on its excellent driving position. Personally, I feel that the driving position is better than that of a Proton Perdana.

The rear seats can only be seated by 2 adults, not exceeding medium built. The rear suspension of this car is unique and as such, should extra load be on the back, the tyres would be hitting the body of the car and cause damage to the suspension.

Not to worry about the thin roof top as I have found the car to be extremely difficult to be overturned.

I do very high milleage and hence I find this car very friendly in terms of petrol consumption.

The maintenance consts may escalate should you not service your car at proper intervals. If all servicing is done promptly, then, you car would be always a relliable car to drive.

I would highly recommend this car to anyone interested in driving a small yet power packed car. Should you have any difficulties with your Tiara, please don't hesitate to drop me a mail at venoth_nathan@yahoo.co.uk.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2004

21st Dec 2010, 19:21

Nathan, can you give me ideas or suggestions on how to get rid or prevent Proton Tiara from getting overheating? Although I took some effort to refill radiator with water and coolant, but the problem still exists. Please advise. Thanks.

18th Aug 2011, 05:58

Fix a Datsun 120y radiator to it.. You need Japanese engineering to solve some European car problems.

26th Feb 2015, 07:21

Hi, I own a Tiara which has been with us since new. How can I change the tyre size from 12 to 13" and 4 nuts as compared to the current 3 nuts?

Can any parts from the Citroen ZX be used??

1997 Proton Tiara 1.1 from Malaysia


Powerful Car


Drive shaft start giving problem at 70000 km.

Hard to find sport rims.

An analog clock to replace RPM meter.

Spare tire position at below.

Alternator always spoil.

General Comments:

I admit that this car is a very powerful car in its class compare to other, but it doesn't reach the requirement in the safety part. At high speed cornering, the back tyre always skid and slightly losses control. I have test the top speed of this car, but when it reach at that point the car is like floating, and the engine screaming like going to tear into parts!

I need some advise on upgrading this powerful vehicle.

Will turbo helps to increase this car performance?

How about changing the spark plug?

Is the air intake good enough?

Please e-mail me at alfredlok86@icqmail.com.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2004