2001 Proton Waja 1.6 petrol


A good bargain that comes with some headaches


Right front signal light suffered water leakage after 1 week, had it replaced by the dealer at no cost.

Brake squeak at one of the tyres while braking hard after 2 weeks, dealer not willing to replace/repair it.

Brake oil leaks at the master pump after around 5 months, dealer replaced 2 rubber seals at no cost. Understand that this is a common problem in the Waja from the repair man.

Battery dead and towed to workshop. Due to a loose wire which connects the generator and battery. Had it fixed at no cost.

Left front window rattles at bumpy road. Not fixed.

Right front door rattles almost always. Not fixed.

Lock cover at the rear trunk dropped after a few days. Unable to put it back due to lock alignment.

Plastic cover at the left front above the dashboard is loose, I need to tug it with a rubber tug to secure it.

General Comments:

This would be a dream car if the quality control is not overlooked by the manufacturer.

Great exterior design, I love the new logo, and the classy look.

I like the 15" sport rims which come with the standard package.

The car body is rigid enough, it makes me feel safe while driving it.

It is stable and not bumpy.

It is spacious and comfortable.

Realised that the air conditioning outlet design is tilted towards the driver, which makes the front passenger really warm, and, of course, complaints.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2002

10th Mar 2003, 12:56

The Proton Waja seemed to be the ideal car for me. I was planning to purchase a Waja as my family required a second car as an everyday runabout. We also wanted to be less conspicuous when going about our everyday business. However after reading a number of reviews on the vehicle and getting feedback from people who have the car, I have decided against it. Besides this, I have also tried out the car. There is no doubt that the chassis is quite good. But it all falls to pieces from this stage on. I found the quality of the vehicle to be incredibly poor. there seems to be a an underlying cheapness about the whole vehicle. Materials used seem to be of sub-standard quality and the car seems to be put together by 5 year olds. Proton should not rely so much on protectionism and try to to challenge other makes based on their own merit. It is an embarrassment to the nation that the national car maker is unable (unwilling) to put the extra effort into building a quality product.

2001 Proton Waja 4G-18 1.6 EFI


Big, cheap, useless, family car


Suspension makes squeaking noises.

Accelerator cable broke after only 1 week.

Dashboard squeaks while driving & vibrates while idling.

Driver's power window malfunctioned.

Water seeping into the front head lamps.

Front wheels' alignment out during delivery.

General Comments:

This car absolutely lacks power. Most of the time I have to keep the overdrive off just to accelerate.

Quality control is a big joke with this manufacturer.

After sales service is really really poor. I've had to go to several branches just to check 1 particular problem.

Seats are comfy but look cheap.

Dashboard looks like it's made of recycled plastic.

High-tech Lotus designed suspension but low tech engine and components.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2001

1st Oct 2002, 02:33

I believe there are many flaws in this review. The most important point is that the Proton Waja Automatic transmission is a full time 4 speed auto transmission and does not come with an overdrive as what this review implies. The car's lack of power is an accurate observation though. The seats looks okay, but are not comfortable as opposed to what the review implies.

2001 Proton Waja 1.6 SOHC


Worth the investment, testdrive to appreciate the LOTUS Technology especially on the handling

General Comments:

Just bought myself a Proton Waja a month ago.

Mileage is now around 2000km.


The car looks great, nice design but quite bulky looking.


The interior is quite spacious. The dashboard is good in design and very practical, but the plastic and assembling lack quality and it needs refinements.

The seats are quite hard, lack lumbar support. The rear seats were the 40/60 folded type, which is very practical for those who love carrying their Golf sets around.

Sound proving is good, when idling @ 750rpm, the engine purrs and is barely heard when the air-con is ON.

The electronics are of the latest design and can be compared to any car, in terms of technology eg. Beemer 3 series.


1.6 litres, SOHC, fuel-injection, Mitsubihsi engine.

Power will only comes in around 3000rpm, which is quite fine with me.

The engine sounds is quite smooth at 5000rpm, but beyond that, the engine sounds is irritating and deafening to the ears.

The engine feels at home at 3500rpm, which is around 130 - 140Kmh.

Ride & Handling;

Since the body works and suspension is of LOTUS technology, handling the car is quite a sensational experience for the said CLASS.

The car act superbly handling turns and corners at manageable speeds with swinging or swaying. I added STRUT bars on the front and the cornering abilities felt even better.

The brake has all around DISC brakes, but the UK version is fitted with ABS.

Braking is still good even without the ABS.

Overall, it's a good car with the EUROPEAN feeling.

The Proton Impian (UK specs), have added Safety and Security features compared to those made locally. I would just love to get my hands on one of those CBU Impians if it was sold locally (Malaysia).

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Review Date: 9th July, 2001

1st Aug 2001, 13:19

I saw the Impian at the dealers today, very nice, looks like a Merc compact.

15th Oct 2001, 08:45

I was on my way back to Leeds and I saw this eye catching vehicle on the road.

I believe it was doing a demonstration or something.

Decided to see it closely. Went to the dealer in Bradford.

I was definitely very impressed with the design, interior and price.

A round of applause to PROTON and Malaysia for their consistent effort.

I am definitely going to sell my old Honda... and be a proud owner of this 'IMPIAN'!

Johnny Lake