1998 Fiat Punto Stile 1.2 petrol


Comfortable, smart, but unreliable


Gone through a great many brake pads.

Dismantled my gearbox around 5 times for different reasons,

Keep changing front, rear and brake lights.

Faulty electric windows.

Changed clutch kit a couple of times.

Changed radiator 3 times seems to heat up every summer for the past 4 years.

Seat adjustment broke.

General Comments:

A very very comfortable car.

Nippy and reasonably smooth.

Very comfy for parking, due to the power steering.

Good seating - seats beginning to tear though.

Nice cabin space.

Ride can be a little rolly, especially in a country full of winding and twisting roads.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2007

2002 Fiat Punto Sporting 1.2 16v


Italian sporty small car. Fun and moderately priced


In the showroom, both rear allow wheels were scratched at the circumference. Replaced prior to delivery.

After a few months, "metallic" noise was coming from the exhaust system when engine is cold. Noise was coming from flexible mesh just after the manifold.

Local dealer tries to rectify, but to no avail. Most of the exhaust system replaced under warranty- "metallic" noise starts again after a few days.

Rear bumper gets a burn, that is melts a bit due too bad workmanship from local dealer. Upon replacement of exhaust system, all the pipe work to the rear end of the car was misaligned. Exhaust fumes were directed at the lower part of the bumper, thus melting it. Shall be having the bumper replaced under warranty after arguments with local dealer.

General Comments:

The Sporting model is a leap ahead from the regular models, such as EL, in terms of refinement, performance, handling and looks.

For paying that little bit extra, one gets: 15" alloy wheels, side skirts, lip spoiler, front fog lights plus two extra colors to choose from that is yellow and sprint blue. The interior is highly up rated and one gets: leather sports steering wheel and gear knob, aluminum- colored central console, semi- bucket sports seats, sporty dials and a multitude of sporting extras.

I have got no stereo system as standard. No speakers not ever the roof antenna!

On the performance side, the 1.2 liter engine coupled with the six-speed transmission, gives the Sporting an acceleration of 0-100 km better than most petrol or diesel powered rivals. Top speed is just above 170 km/h. One driver alone in the car gets zesty performance, but with 2 passengers on board a lot of the agility is lost.

Handling is very good- sporty ride is very firm, but obviously ride is very stiff on our bumpy roads.

Fuel economy is moderately good: Driving the car mostly in the evenings for leisure purposes, I get 38 to 40 mpg. I don't use it to go to work though, which implies that if I did fuel economy would suffer.

I would highly recommend the Sporting to Italian- car lovers or young people, but I don't see it so practical for elder people or as a family- mover.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2003

9th Jan 2009, 14:06

After 6 years of ownership of this car, I must say that I am somewhat disappointed. This is due to the following mishaps:

- Metallic noise coming from engine ever since. Cause has never been traced. I've observed other Puntos with similar issue as well.

- Air con is dead after 2 years; (2004). This is due to a broken gas pipe of the A/C system.

- Faulty high tension leads lead to misfire after 4 years (2006). Replaced at my expense. Engine develops an ECU fault coupled with no acceleration at random times.

- 2007: The ECU fault results in a defective throttle body. Replaced at my expense. That same summer, the power steering motor fails as well. repaired as well.

- 2008: ECU reports another fault, coupled with engine misfire. Cause is still being traced by my mechanic. (Not a Fiat mechanic)

Overall the car is fun to drive and own but poor quality lets it down. By the way, total mileage after 6 years is just 27000 miles...

1997 Fiat Punto 75SX 1.2 MPI petrol


Temperature sensor at around 8,000 miles.

Rear shock absorbers at 12,000 miles (local roads are in a very bad condition and contain a lot of pot holes).

General Comments:

Good looking car with a lot of attention paid to the design.

Has good road holding which is improved by fitting sportier (harder) shocks on the rear.

Brake shoes need to be changed every 10,000 miles.

Easily dented, roor protection rubber is useless.

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Review Date: 25th April, 1999

27th Mar 2001, 15:08

Rear brake shoes every 10000 miles do you reckon??