1999 Opel Astra 1.7TD


An average good car with some drawbacks though


The cylinder head was leaking oil after the first day, had it checked and found that the gasket was not done properly.

Manufacturer recalled the model, due to some problems with the alternator belt.

Battery and alternator failed twice during the warranty period.

Most models (including mine) had some defects with the airflow meter (sort of an electronic sensor). This failure had resulted in an abnormal loss of engine power.

Window panes and seats rattle.

Airbag sensor indicator - had some problems too. It went on, on several occasions. Finally the service center decided to solder the connection under the driver's seat.

Due to the above mentioned problems, resale value, dropped tremendously.

General Comments:

I like its general appearance, and whilst diving it feels robust with good road holding.

Quite responsive for a 1700cc turbo diesel engine.

Comfortable to drive with a "safe and secure" feeling.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2005

8th Feb 2007, 18:49

Hi, the abnormal loss of power in your Opel Astra is something that I have checked with my car as well, it also has an abnormal loss of power right now. The garage tried checking the air flow meter (electronic sensor) but according to them its not the problem. They have checked everything from coolant contaminants, fuel pump system, engine leaks, even checked for possible overhaul, but they are puzzled. It's a weird problem, no matter how much they try to readjust the engine over and over again, the loss of power comes back and the engine becomes off and shaky. I need help. thanks.

1998 Opel Astra DI16v 2.0 turbo diesel


Totally unreliable car


ABS sensor went at 10000kms replaced under warranty.

Airflow sensor (engine) had to be replaced at 20000kms as well as the corresponding vacuum pump.

Power steering makes continuous electrical noise since day one. Replaced under warranty to no effect.

Various bits and pieces from cabin falling apart.

ABS and speedometer have now stopped working at 54000Kms.

General Comments:

Totally disappointed at the level of reliability of this cat. Would never recommend you by an Opel/Vauxhall.

Only excellent point is the ride of the car.

But never again.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2002