1970 Ford Galaxie 500 Wagon Country Sedan V8, 351cid, 5.8 liters, gasoline


Great, memorable car, with lots of power and quality, but with a terrible fuel addiction


- Electrical system, shortcut, after 20 years of life.

- Automatic transmission didn't engage quickly first gear in 1988.

- It was left in a sea house for many years unused in California, so it began a terrible corrosion process, quite extensive, mainly in parts where paint was scratched. This was due to my negligence, of course.

General Comments:

I used very little this car, almost nothing: in 1982 it had 13,000kms, in 1988 it had 53,000kms. It is a terrible thing that it was neglected so much. This was a fabulous car. The engine was solid as no other, strong, very powerfull; also it drank gasoline without limits.

The transmission was also very good and strong, but the car was saw very little service and this affected it at the end. It passed almost years unused, so that was the main reason of its problems, but I cannot remember of a more solid and well constructed car.

Something strange was that this was an expensive car at the time, but it didn't have A/C, nor even heating system, just ventilation -"conditioned" by the car's speed.

Those were the finest days of Ford, I believe. Construction quality was top-notch.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2007

27th May 2012, 09:15

The Galaxie 500 was not a particularly "expensive" car when new, so its lack of air conditioning is not unusual for a car from that era.

However, the only way it would not have had a heating system, was if someone had removed it. Heater/defrosters have been standard equipment in American cars at least since the early 60's.