27th May 2012, 14:01

People seem to forget how quickly cars of this era rusted out; even the floorboards. The cars of today last much longer, as they aren't rusty in 5-10 years as was common in that era.

3rd Oct 2016, 15:44

Actually, the "heater delete" was available as a credit option on any Ford model, except the Thunderbird, back then -- but only on cars that were to be delivered to Hawaii.

4th Oct 2016, 00:32

Untrue on the rust comment. I have had old and new. Living in the Northeast, my new daily drivers go in and out of my climate controlled garage. The snow and road salt can be severe, and I have had new ones with rust in as little as 5 years. Interesting enough, having a climate controlled garage with daily drivers can actually be a detriment. The same with radiant floor heat. The snow and salt thaws and refreezes in daily and out of a garage. My 56 year old classic however has none of these rust issues as it's a fair weather only car. The older classics today are also more likely to be kept immaculate for shows and cruises. Unless you own a rat rod or like the rust patina look, which isn't my wish, but everyone has their own taste.

4th Oct 2016, 16:48

Quite a few cars had various deleted features, some that actually were standard on a vehicle, to lighten up cars. You don't need power robbing accessories either such as power steering, power brakes, radios etc. The purpose was for racing large oval tracks. By the way, many early Galaxies were often track raced with very powerful Ford Thunderbolt big blocks. They are often in car shows. I am not a Ford guy, but have seen these impressive cars.

4th Oct 2016, 19:42

Not a valid comparison. Of course a track car is going to have as many "power robbing accessories" removed as possible.

But trying to drive a 1970 Ford full size wagon on the street with no power steering/brakes or heater/defroster would be unpleasant at best.

5th Oct 2016, 23:49

They are not removed. They are ordered new that way. It's very common to order this way. Especially to people who race. I know of a Corvette and a Chevelle 300 Base ordered radio delete with no power steering, no power brakes. None of this removed. Straight line acceleration as a goal, not ordered for luxury with all powers. The money is then spent on the drivetrain. But I have seen cars with new components removed. A brand new factory engine pulled out and a 427 dropped in by dealers such as Yenko Berger Brothers and Nickey Chevrolet. They were not factory blessed, but sold brand new GMs with 427s, tires, wheels, sway bars, lighter fenders, bumpers and glass. Swiss cheese the frame. But that's what people will do to go fast. Even wagons were raced and had the above done. Some with big blocks and 4 speeds could be ordered in certain models, especially GM. Many of these cars had no factory warranty offered when ordered. Ordering a factory delete radio in a new car also had one big plus. You listened instead to a big block V8 going through the gears! I turn the sound systems down in mine today to do the same.

7th Oct 2016, 14:21

Just get a Corvette. Those babies never rust with a fiberglass body.

7th Oct 2016, 20:45


What's the Corvette frame made out of?


7th Oct 2016, 21:14

That's a completely false comment regarding Corvettes. There is steel throughout and steel rusts. It's not uncommon to deal with serious rust with frame rails shot ,trailing arms, birdcage to frame, windshield pillars, under the radiator, door metal reinforcements. Just because it's a fiberglass body mounted to a steel structure does not eliminate this concern. Especially those that have been exposed to road salts and weather tire kick ups through the chassis. Anyone that owns Corvettes knows of this. I sight through the wheel wells, check the firewall for damage and hidden rusting etc and bring a floor jack to inspect before I buy mine. Just because it has a fiberglass body doesn't mean a thing on that comment. Rust repair can be very serious and costly on Corvettes. There are frame rail replacement pieces out today. But it can still be very hard on the wallet. Now back to the car being reviewed.

8th Oct 2016, 16:22

"Now back to the car being reviewed"

Everything was on the Ford topic until 23:49 mentioned a Vette. At least mention a Ford, even a '67 Mustang fastback will do. I have one space left in my garage and just might make a purchase on one.

9th Oct 2016, 14:45

I have a 68 Mustang GT Fastback as well. Has an incorrect 428; was a 390 car with top loader 4 speed. Going through a complete restoration. It's far from being on the road. It's not a Galaxie, which I also gave a very favorite comment as well. The discussion went into factory delete areas. The domestic brand of car is absolutely immaterial with factory delete being a specific topic. How about a Viper heavily deleted options with pop in side windows? Yet another example. All performance oriented. The Galaxie had highly powerful, high HP oval track cars in the day. Highly collectible.

10th Oct 2016, 20:21

If you are into classic Ford or Mercury wagons, I would find a 2 door 56 Parklane or 61 Ranch Wagon. And put in a complete updated drivetrain and disc brakes. But retain the stock look other than the wheels.

11th Oct 2016, 14:16

The 56 was Ford's answer to the 55 Chevy 2 door Nomad wagon. Absolutely beautiful, as is the 57 Chevy Wagon. The only wagons I think can really effectively pull off a nice 4 door look are early 2 tone Rambler wagons and the Olds Vista Cruiser. The vista roof is great. Some wagons could be ordered with bucket seats and 4 speeds.