2010 Toyota Corolla XLE 1.8


Terrible transmission and terrible engine


At 142,000 km the transmission was damaged and I had to change it completely.

At 173,000 km a connecting rod of the engine broke and damaged a piston and monoblock. I had to change the engine completely.

General Comments:

It is the most prestigious car in the world, but it has been one of my worst cars. Now it's only half a car.

The performance of the car is bad.

There are no lights on the board and I added a high flow air filter to increase the response.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2018

15th Apr 2018, 03:31

What happened to the transmission?

Please let us know.


15th Apr 2018, 14:02

A Toyota Corolla is "the most prestigious car in the world"?

Horrifying news to Rolls, Bugatti and Maybach owners everywhere... ;)

15th Apr 2018, 23:02

I think the original reviewer meant "most reliable" car in the world. Which the Corolla was at one point in the late 90s voted by many motoring magazines. I don't know if it still holds that title today.

16th Apr 2018, 04:04

Started skating and hitting the change from 3rd to 4th.

When I took it to my friend's workshop, some plates had a lot of wear; did not come in the repair kit.

It was cheaper to make the complete change than to do the repair.


16th Apr 2018, 04:08

I clarified that my comment is about the sedan.

Bugatti and Roll Royce are now sedans?

16th Apr 2018, 07:07

That’s subjective to the actual owner really. The review car obviously was held in high regard by its owner. My first used car was bought a year before I even had a driver's license. Even my parents didn’t even know about that buy til they got home. My dad wasn’t real happy on seeing it at first, but said I negotiated it well. At that time (age 15), to me it held that very title. 1950 Plymouth tagged and running price, $50.00, purchased in 1968. So a 50 for 50. Waxed it, detailed and cherished it. Sold in 1972 for $300.00 to my high school teacher. That was my prestigious Rolls Royce in my mind at the time. In reality though you are right.

16th Apr 2018, 13:54

A 2018 Rolls Royce (sedan) will run around $420,000 base profs before taxes. I would rather have a convertible version however.

16th Apr 2018, 15:02

No, not anymore, Toyota quality started to slip in the late nineties.

2003 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8


Very boring car, with correct reliability and good suspension


Headlight bulbs.

Very high RPM when cold.

Little box door in dashboard, broken.

Loose exhaust.

General Comments:

Although this car is indeed reliable, it isn't at all impressive. My A Class is still more reliable, at much higher miles on the clock.

The Corolla feels cheap, the doors are light, and the finishing is similar to that of a Ford Escort, not more.

I have driven many cars, and like to drive quickly; something that's difficult to do with an automatic Corolla.


- Very loud engine, more so at high speeds.

- Too old a transmission design; only 4 forward gears, and it's focused on a dull kind of driving.

- Extremely poor mileage at high speeds - too high RPM, because of the bad gear ratios.

- Interior finishings.

- No stability control.

- No traction control.

- A very boring car.


- Very good independent suspension. Although the suspension is designed towards comfort, it has excellent stable and safe reactions. This is the best attribute of Corollas, and a good suspension is essential.

- Reliability, durability.

- A big and well designed boot.

- Interior comfort.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2012