1997 Renault Scenic diesel


BEWARE: back & neck breaker



General Comments:

If you care about your back and neck, don't buy this one. The driving position is the worst I know. I got (still existing) neck pains from the seats. They are clearly composed for small french men's bodies. Having said that I have to state that my small children and my wife are small and also suffered backpains, although less severe. The dealer told us he recommends this car to back pain sufferers. Shame on him.....

I don't understand why so few automotive journalists criticise manufacturers for the fact they fit their cars with bad-fitting seats.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2001

3rd Jan 2001, 07:47

Usually back pains are from too soft seats, go to the dealer and touch the seats on newer Scenics, if yours are abnormally soft you should get new seats for free from the dealer. Talk with them, the replaced my windshield because of a little stain on the black part, it amazed me how fast they took the decision and in 3 hours the new windshield was fitted! THANKS RENAULT!

1997 Renault Scenic RT 2.0


Defect in paintwork on bonnet caused by bird droppings - resprayed for free under the warranty.

Creaking rear brakes - replaced under warranty.

Driver's electric window failed - replaced partially under warranty.

Power steering unit leaked - whole unit replaced partially under warranty.

Exhaust pipe leaking by the manifold.

Remote locking key failed - replaced for free outside warranty (this is apparently a known problem with infra red keys, they have now been replaced with FM transmitters).

General Comments:

This is one of the earlier models which I think has experienced teething troubles!

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Review Date: 28th November, 2000

29th Nov 2000, 16:11

Very complete and objective.

All the needed info is there (what's under warranty and what isn't).

Keep your car, it's one of the best designs ever, very comfortable and roomy, but it's not a dangerous 4x4.

8th May 2011, 16:48

I know it's 11 years since the last comment, which in fact makes it even more interesting...

My dad has one of these that he bought brand new in 1997.

So, what has gone wrong with it? Rear window wiper motor was not very good, so it was fixed the first month of ownership.

After that? A whole lot of nothing!

Last year he had to change the exhaust system and cat unit.

Except for oil changes and some brake parts, that's it for 14 years!

Can't really call that a bad car!

OK, this car is used in Spain where there is no such thing as road salt in the winters, but it still has kept up really nice. Until now it has ran about 145000 Km.

Interior materials are cheap, but it didn't cost like a Mercedes either, so we better forget about such complaints!

Overall, it's an extremely roomy and versatile car for its size. It has a very good gas mileage, and the 2.0 engine is powerful enough for any normal situation.

I don't like the positioning of the controls though (steering wheel like a bus, and the pedals are placed a little funny).