RSX Premium 2.0

A great car. Too good. That's why they stopped making it!

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RSX Type S 2.0L 4 cylinder

Mild fun

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RSX Type S 2.0

Luxury and performance yet reliable and affordable to maintain

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RSX Premium


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RSX Type s 2.0L

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RSX Base Sport Coupe 2.0L ivtec

It is a fast, agile, great gas mileage car

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RSX Type S 2.0 4 cylinder

Practical Luxury Sports Coupe

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RSX Type S 2.0

Ever have an adolescent stare at your vehicle in awe. Buy this car and find out

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RSX Type S 2.0

The best car I've ever owned

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RSX Type-S 2.0L I-VTec

Best performance to price ratio

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RSX type-s 2.0 liter

Quality and great performance for a great price

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RSX Premium 2.0

This is a cheap Honda Civic with a S2000 price tag

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RSX Type S 2.0 VTEC

You get what you pay for

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RSX Type S 2.0

Disappointed at Acura quality

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Undecided at the moment

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RSX Base 2.0

Top performance for minimum price

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