AMC Hornet reviews from North America


Hornet 256 C.I. Straight Six

This was the best $600.00 I've ever spent, and regret ever letting it go

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This car was basic, hardworking, reliable, and I wish I had another

Hornet SST 258 ci. 2 barrel

This car looks like a grocery getter, but will surprise you.

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Hornet 4 door 258 six cylinder

A Hornet is a great, reliable car that can be either a hot rod or grocery getter

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Hornet Sportabout 258 1 barrel

A non typical antique car.

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Hornet Base 4.2

A good car from a good, underfunded company

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Hornet Sportabout V8 360 V8

An unbelievable fast and comfortable little wagon

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Hornet Sportabout 258 c.i. 6


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Hornet Hatchback 258 ci

It was a very good inexpensive car for it's time

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Hornet 232 cu. in inline 6

Inexpensive, reliable transportation

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Hornet Two door 199ci inline six

All in all, a fine car

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A very basic car for a very basic price