14th Mar 2019, 18:36

Perhaps they told the car, "OK, show me".

15th Mar 2019, 12:28

Yes come on now, the suspense is killing us, what did you tell the car?

15th Mar 2019, 22:25

Yeah, but unlike Christine, the car DIDN'T restore itself; instead it sucked $12,000 from its owner's wallet!

17th Mar 2019, 06:44

What puzzles me is why buy an old car like this and not doing the repairs by yourself? And don’t expect the car to “behave” even though you have told it to do so...

17th Mar 2019, 10:01

All they had to do with the Christine car was damage the car first and then simply reverse the video tape. I saw one of the actual damaged movie cars being restored in West Chester Pa. They were a cheap car to buy when the movie was actually filmed.

17th Mar 2019, 15:59

I would have spend half on another one in far better condition. And also keep this as a parts donor vs put a dime more than the initial acquisition price. Would have been far, far ahead of the game.

17th Mar 2019, 20:24

Well that would answer the question of what the car didn't do when he told it. Instead of restoring itself, the car plucked his savings account.

18th Mar 2019, 21:29

That’s his prerogative. I would hope he never hears a car speaking. That would raise concern. One thing I caught myself doing once was buying lots of new parts over the winter; more out of boredom than necessity. Many purchases that didn’t seem to be that much expense at first. Things I cannot do like paint I send out.

18th Mar 2019, 23:21

Thanks for that; been losing sleep trying to work out what he told the car.

18th Mar 2019, 23:45

I have always found talking to my cars a complete waste of time. What they need is a good thrashing; have a look at this see what I mean (Google Basil thrashes his car BBC) works every time. Please try it; most effective.

19th Mar 2019, 12:42

Imagine a remake of "Christine" with a 1975 AMC Hornet replacing the 1958 Plymouth Fury in the title role... NO.

19th Mar 2019, 18:08

Being so light of a car, no one would be injured. Maybe stung by the Hornet.

20th Mar 2019, 20:43

The Hornet SC360 Factory V8 with the factory 4 speed would be a really cool one to find and buy.

23rd Mar 2019, 12:28

I meant, never NOT done what I've told it to, LOL.

23rd Mar 2019, 12:30

Well, when the front brakes fall out... literally fall out... and every single part has to be ordered from a different distributor at the grand total of $1000, then you can start to see where the money went.

23rd Mar 2019, 18:05

When your front brakes "literally" fell out, did you go back to the incompetent mechanic who installed them improperly? Or did you just pay for another brake job? Starting to see where that $12K went...

23rd Mar 2019, 18:12

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t an AMC Hornet do the engineered spiral bridge jump stunt in a James Bond Movie? Man with the Golden Gun? I read this jump was real. With a Hornet, likely a 304 V8 factory model. If anything would drop parts on a roadway, a stunt like this would certainly prove it.

6th Jul 2022, 12:38

So, the Hornet name has been dusted off and will show up on the new Dodge compact SUV this fall. Stellantis must think its target market is too young (or, perhaps, too dumb) to remember this one. What's next, the Gremlin?

12th Jul 2022, 16:51

I bought a new Gremlin X V8. One just sold for $34k. That’s 10 times new.

12th Jul 2022, 22:28

Yes, they are surprisingly collectible.