1991 Audi 200 quattro 20v 20 valve turbo


Incredible car; more reliable than my 1998 Chevy Suburban


Power steering pump and cap went out at about 204,000 miles. Easy to replace; took about an hour to replace. Bleeding took another 30 minutes.

Bought the pump re-manufactured at Checkers for $180.

Bypass valve replaced at 205000. Bought on ebay for $60.00 new. Easy to replace. Resolved the stalling problem I had.

If you do buy one of these cars, make sure to use Mobil 1 synthetic oil every 5000 miles.

General Comments:

Great car. Bought it for $2400 from a guy in Tucson. He took great care of it. The pearl white paint was perfect, did not even have any door dings in it. He even gave me a additional 12 oil filters with the car. He changed the oil with Mobil 1 synthetic oil every 5000 miles. Let's just say he took incredible care of it.

The car has 207000 miles on it and is still running great. These cars are sweet in the snow, nothing will beat it.

Very fast car, close to about 280 horsepower rocket (chipped). Incredible up the mountains!!

Only problem of late is that the boost is not like it used to be. Boost is about 1.6 bars; should be about 2.2 bars. Probably solenoid or k24 turbo going out.

Make sure to go for the 1991 20 valve, as these cars are the most reliable. They are rare, but can still be found!

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Review Date: 14th February, 2010

1990 Audi 200 2.2 turbo


Good starting tuner car


Haven't had too much wrong with this car yet, but I can see some things going wrong with it.

It has a collapsed breather hose.

Could use new spark plugs really bad, and needs the injectors cleaned pretty bad.

Could also use a silicone hose going from the inter cooler to the intake manifold. Could also use some stiffer suspension.

General Comments:

The car performs pretty good for having a 5 banger in it. I want more out of it. I'm gonna have some exhaust work done to put a stage 1 chip in it. And possibly have the heads polished and maybe the intake ported.

I'm thinking about fabbing up a cold air intake, but there's so much on that air box, I need to learn more about it. I'm also gonna put a ceramic clutch in it.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2009

12th Apr 2009, 09:15

I found a boot online you are looking for, if you look around the price varies quite a bit from $30.00 to over $100.00. I am looking for the rubber intake boot from the top of the fuel distributor, found a couple about 6-8 months ago, cannot seem to locate now.

1990 Audi 200 Quattro turbo


Although it is costly to maintain, I hope I can hang on to this car forever.


I had to replace an axle and a CV joint at 198000 miles.

The alternator went at 199000 miles.

The stereo was blown through the previous owner's fault (reversed the positive/negative battery cables) but the speakers still sound amazing with the stereo I replaced it with.

The sunroof is inconsistent-- occasionally it works, but more often than not it doesn't even try.

The fuel pump relay went out at 200,000 miles, although this was not a costly repair ($100 from an Audi dealership, parts and labor included).

The clutch also gave out at 200,000 miles. This was pretty pricey-- around $2000 from an Audi dealership.

Currently, the fuel injectors seem to be gunked up, so it has an inconsistent idle, sometimes stalling out if I don't keep the gas pedal (lightly) depressed.

General Comments:

This car handles just like it should-- amazingly. The turning radius is awesome, the pickup is incredible. After my previous cars, owning this one has reminded me that I actually love driving.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2006

1990 Audi 200 Quattro


High-end German cars are really good


Connections to Alternator.

LCD Display in center of Dash not functioning.

General Comments:

This is a clean, tight car that drives and handles like an expensive German Car. It has a lot of miles, but it starts and drives perfectly.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2005

14th Feb 2005, 08:35

30,000 miles is high mileage to you? And you wrote a review after 6,000 miles? No wonder your commentary is so sparse. Drive it for a bit, if you can tolerate being seen in a *gasp* high mileage Audi. Otherwise go out, buy yourself a new Benz, and quit griping. And try to actually critique the car. "Audi's are good" is a bit general, it would help if you were capable of specifying *why* it's good.

16th Feb 2005, 15:31

30,000 miles? Try 300,000 miles. That IS high miles.