1989 Audi 200 Turbo 2.2L 5 cylinder


A great second car to commute in. A great bargain


The drivers side window motor had to be replaced @ 110000K.

The heater core was replaced @ 150000K.

General Comments:

This is a great car! The fuel consumption is not a factor.

I get about 23 MPG in heavy traffic. (Atlanta)

I am a big guy and I feel very comfortable in this car.

I would suggest this car to anyone.

I can keep up with most new imports and domestic cars.

It will scream.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2002

1989 Audi 200 2.3 turbo


Awesome car for the money, very good for a shade-tree mechanic type guy!


The power door locks constantly break (driver's side) and they require a lot of attention and maintenance. The transmission just went on the car, its currently being looked at at a local transmission shop. The sunroof motor is pretty much gone, I need to close the sunroof by hand most of the time. Car is very very hard on gas. 80L will last me about 600KM.

General Comments:

Very solid car, solid frame & body. Very comfortable ride and lots of options. The interior is very lush and luxurious. Seats are nice and comfy and the driving experience is awesome. The power is great and the car has a nice & smooth acceleration.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2002

30th May 2004, 18:02

The Audi that I have has no problem with the sunroof motor. It is a gear in the mechanism that has lost some teeth, so it requires hand cranking. I wish I knew where to buy the gear.

2nd Mar 2006, 21:52

Try getting the gear off a wrecker or maybe the dealer, you'd be surprised :)

'91 Audi 200ta.

19th Jan 2011, 12:46

I am very fond of my Audi 200 turbo 1986 and hope very much that I can keep it in the same good condition it is in for many more years.

1990 Audi 200 2wd 2.3 turbo


A solid, comfy craft!


Transmission, what else is new. I had to replace it 500 km ago.

I'm having problems with starting it up. Cold-start I guess.

Power steering makes a grinding noise, but works fine.

And a leaky hydraulic oil reservoir.

General Comments:

Good amount of passing power. Extremely comfortable.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2001

18th May 2001, 21:31

I agree with your findings in regards to cold weather starts.

5th Jul 2001, 07:35

I own one in South Africa. Great car, important to use correct hydraulic fluid for the Steering to avoid leaking problems. Incorrect fluid attacks the seals in the power steering rack. causing leaks.

6th Jun 2002, 11:01

All Audi cars are like that! Always use recommended fluids or the car gods will not be happy!

6th Sep 2002, 12:02

I have a 1990 with 208,000 miles and it still runs great. The original transmission lasted 135,000 miles, so far so good on the second. The starting problem is probably caused by leaking fuel injectors, have had mine replaced 3 times, always corrects the problem. American gas is very hard on the fuel system, especially injectors. The exhaust manifold has a small leak that should be fixed, but repair is a little expensive. Sunroof motor gave up a couple of years ago. Otherwise, everything works, very comfortable, very safe car.