2003 Audi TT Quattro 1.8L turbo


Gentleman's sports car! Drive one!


Had the famous coil issue, and at seven years old Audi honored the recall!

I had one issue where the car died on the highway and left me stranded over an ignition relay!!!

General Comments:

I own an older Porsche 911; this Audi shows its lineage well! The Porsche is a tricky monster to handle, and is the kind of car you must always be diligent with or you will suffer! The Audi is way easier to drive, much more refined I guess, shift points are very forgiving.

You can drive this car to work everyday and still use it to tick off all the kids in their right hand drive Nissan beaters!

It is my everyday driver including winter, the Quattro system with ESP and trac control make it an amazing car for our winters in Canada.

The defrost system could be somewhat stronger.

I also own a Chevy Blazer to tow my toys and a little Suzuki X-90 I keep at the cottage for beach runs! Both of these have also served me well.

Recently rented a Mazda 3 while on business, believe me... friends don't let friends drive Mazda's! What a horrible uncomfortable car.. it did get great gas mileage though.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2010

2003 Audi TT Quattro 1.8 5-valve turbo


If you want sporty, economic, and cost effective, there isn't a better choice out there


So far there hasn't been any problems whatsoever, knock on wood. I would hope not seeing that I've only owned the vehicle 2 weeks and have driven 1,000 miles.

General Comments:

1.8 Turbo. Ridiculously fast for what it is. Typically, I am not one to push a car to the limit all the time, but in the TT, I do occasionally find myself giving it a little more than I would have ever considered in my previous car (Ford Mustang).

Handling is absolutely amazing. It's so forgiving, whether it be a turn at 30 or a hairpin at 45, it all feels the same with the all-wheel drive and traction control; Only an idiot could lose it in a curve.

Black... what can I say? Extremely hard to keep clean. I find myself cleaning it 3-4 times a week, but it's so enjoyable. It's definitely an attention getter.

Everyones Fav; Gas mileage. It all depends on how you drive it. I've gotten average 28-30 mpg, but if you drive it hard you can watch your average mpg meter drop in just a few minutes.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2008

2003 Audi TT FWD 1.8 turbo


Do not buy an Audi!!! Ever!!!


- Major oil leak! Fixed for $1200; replaced head gasket!

- 2nd Major oil leak! Cracked turbo housing!!! Did not fix; $2,550, hell no!

- Coolant leak from the little motor that runs after car is turned off; $450 fix!!! Had to!!

- Electrical nightmare! Gauges pooped out; $550 fix.

- Timing belt; what a rip off; $900!!

- 3rd oil leak!!! From the cams!!! $700 from Audi!!!

I had almost 300,000 miles on my Acura and nothing like this crap happened to it... I want my Acura back...

- Oh, the automatic tranny needs replacing, gave someone else that problem.

- I bought an 03' to avoid these problems!!! I was WRONG!!! Thanks crappy Audi!!!

General Comments:

I hate Audi!!! This was my second TT and I now tell people to buy well, anything else!!!

My friend had an 02' A6 and he is having electrical problems and oil leaks... He sold it after I talked to him.

DO NOT BUY AUDI!!! People that own Audi's don't tell you about these little problems, because they are embarrassed. I was!!!

I now bought an "01' Acura CL type S" and it smokes Audi's!!! Even ones all tricked out. One even broke while I was driving next to it on the highway, just went up in smoke, I could only laugh!!!

I stopped and talked to the guy, and told him about my problems with my previous 2 Audi's, and he said he had the SAME problems!!!! AUDI SUCKS!!!!

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Review Date: 30th January, 2008

14th Mar 2008, 10:12

I own a 2001 Audi TT. I agree, do not even think about buying an AUDI that's not on maintenance plan. The reliability and cost issues are shocking. Tensioner upon Tensioner upon turbo replacement and cracked gasket covers, stay away!!

14th Mar 2008, 16:27

Are you the original owner or did you buy this vehicle used? If used, it might have been abused by a previous owner. I chose my 2008 TT given the well above average maintenance ratings given by a number of car specialists including Consumer Reports. I hang on to vehicles for 10-15 years and pass them on in great running condition. Very happy with the 2008.

2003 Audi TT 1.8 turbo


Super fun and very reliable!!!


I had to replace the valve cover gasket 105,589 and the pads and rotors102,921. Other than that this car has been PERFECT I don't even see those things as problems with the car its just called MAINTENCE!!!

General Comments:

Great little car. Great MPG Avg 35!!! And it's an automatic ships firm and quick and is a blast to strap the surfboards to the roof and jet to the BEACH. These cars were made to goto the beach in. I would reccomend that you get the automatic it is easier to drive in town in and the wife doesn't get mad when you clunk the gears around.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2007