1995 BMW 5 Series reviews from North America

5 Series 540i 4.0L DOHC V8

A complete disaster

214 words, 1 comment

5 Series 540i 4.0L V8

Rare, fast and fun; albeit costly

662 words

5 Series 525i

If taken care of, this car can go to the moon and back

5 Series 540i 4.0 gasoline

This car is a pleasure to own and drive

717 words

5 Series 525i

The 525i is a reliable car with prestige

5 Series 525 iT Wagon V6

Dreamy money pit - stay away

114 words, 1 comment

5 Series Dinan Supercharged 540i Sport 4.0L

Fun fun fun

146 words

5 Series 525i 2.5 gas

If you can live with the maintanence it is a good car

36 words

5 Series 530iA 3.0L DOHC V8

The 530i BMW never goes out of style!

125 words, 3 comments

5 Series 525i 2.5 gas

The last of the genuine BMW's

146 words

5 Series 540i 4.0

The 540i is the ultimate grocery getter

324 words

5 Series 525i

Not worth the expense

5 Series 540i 4.0 V8

4-door sports car

46 words

5 Series 530i 3.0 liter V8

Sporty, luxurious, great looking German built chick magnet

121 words, 7 comments

5 Series 525i 2.5

Extremely good performance, reliability and FUN at a premium cost

35 words, 2 comments