3rd Mar 2006, 23:27

I wrote the comment above. The clutch went out now and I'm done with the car. I had it fixed and now have sold the car. I just bought a 1999 Lexus LS400. I love the new car, it's crazy quick, but most people don't think it would be. It also handles well for a big car, nothing like the beemer though. I can fly in this car, feels like riding on air. The sound system is amazing for stock and the navi is alright. Dude if you ever start having problems sell the thing and get a LS400 or SC400. Oh and maintenance is a lot cheaper - an oil change is around 60 bucks.

5th Mar 2007, 19:03

Woah, where are you folks getting your oil changed?

The most expensive car to change the oil in that I've ever owned is my 1986 Porsche 951, and that's only because it takes 7 quarts and I opt for fully synthetic. Even then I never pay over $35.

Get under your car and change it yourself. It takes like 10 minutes and sure beats paying an extra $50.

24th Mar 2007, 22:10

I agree with the previous comment. I have owned several BMW's and they do not require any special sort of oil. My current car, an E36 328i does need 6.5 quarts, which I suppose is more expensive than say, an Acura Integra which calls for 3.5 quarts. But paying even $60 for an oil change? Are you nuts???

18th Jun 2010, 10:28

My 1984 Porsche 911 with 3.2 motor takes 13.5 qt's. I turn my own wrench. It's not a 100 bucks. There must be some very poor calculations floating around.

Back to BMWs. German engineering is the best. Quality does not always cost if you are prudent in driving and maintaining a vehicle over many years.

23rd Apr 2011, 04:48

The BMW M60B30 V8 uses EIGHT quarts of oil. At $4 a quart, that's $32 just in oil (if you go non-synthetic). Plus, a filter that is about $30 (German-made, from the dealer). They also have a series of maintenance lights in the instrument cluster that need to be reset with a special tool. Add $40 for the labor, and there is your $100.

Some indy mechanics will do it for about $75. If you turn your own wrenches, buy the reset tool, use marginally good oil, and use a Fram filter, it's about $50 a pop. Minimum!

The up side is that with a good German filter and 8 quarts of oil lubricating the engine instead of the usual 3-4, the service interval is between 7500-10,000 miles depending on how you drive it. The service interval lights will tell you when the next oil change is due based on how you have driven the car. Drive the car easy, and the service interval lights will come on later. Drive it hard, and the service interval lights come on earlier.

Do I believe you can spend $100 on a oil change in one of these cars if you are having the work done by a professional? YOU BET.