1995 BMW M3 3.0L V6


I love it!!


Warped rotors - bad install by previous owner.

Leaky calipers.

Leaking head gasket.

Faulty coolant sensor - replaced 4 times.

Cracked radiator overflow tank - common, known issue.

General Comments:

Despite the issues, this car is amazing. I bought it used, but well taken care of by the previous owner. The car was definitely in need of a little engine TLC due to the previous owner's financial limitations, but once the wear and tear issues were resolved, the car was perfect. I expect it to run well past 200k miles. It's a great daily driver and still gets heads turning.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2007

6th Dec 2007, 15:38

Just wondering why would you go from an m roadster to a 3.0L m3 the m roadster would destroy the m3 in a race and is a newer car and worth a lot more.?

1995 BMW M3 S50USB30 (3-litre inline 6)


The BEST car you can have for less than $15K!


A/C Compressor clutch rattles when using A/C.

Rear differential 'chatters' during tight turns at low speed - especially when the car is 'cold'. I heard that this is normal. I'll have to see if changing the differential fluid will take care of this.

Idle fluctuates between 600 to 1000 rpm when the engine is cold. Sounds like a leaky vacuum line? However this problem is intermittent.

Valve cover gasket starts to leak.

On-Board-Computer screen pixels burned out.

Paint and clear-coat don't seem too durable. Easily chipped, especially on the forward section of the hood and on the front bumper. Before I installed the bra, I can almost spot 2 new stone chips every time I drove the car out of town.

General Comments:

I bought this car in Arizona from its second owner. When I got it, it has 69,000 miles. The previous owners really babied this car. Other than some stone chips and one small ding, I can hardly find any cosmetic flaw with the car. It's 100% stock and I plan to keep it that way. The engine pulls strong and the car handles like a dream.

Apparently the original owner didn't check any option box when he purchased this car in 95. Cruise control is there, but that's it. But hey, less things to break and worry about.

More on the engine:

Someone said that to love the E36 M3 is to love the S50 inline-6 engine. How true! The engine is so relaxed and yet power is ready anytime you need it. It sounds awesome too under acceleration. My one complaint: It needs more low-end torque (Even my previous car, a 1992 Camaro with a 305 engine, pulls harder at low RPM). But over 3500 RPM it really comes alive.


As I mentioned, this car handles great! It communicates really well with the driver. Very predictable as well. The Limited Slip helps the car gain traction under hard acceleration. While I'm perfectly happy with the ride-and-handling of this car, some passenger complained about the hard seats and harsh ride ~ I live in Michigan and unfortunately smooth road is not a luxury we have around here.

Highly recommended! For a lot less money than a brand-new compact car, you can get one of the best sport cars ever made.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2006

21st Nov 2006, 19:09

This review is for '95 M3 instead of '94.

22nd Feb 2007, 12:24

To the above comment about the year. You are partially right. The car was sold as a '95 model in '95, BUT, if you look at the manufactured date it says '94 and a month (06 for ex.). It took BMW a while before they shipped them to North America. That's why we had to wait more than a year before we could enjoy this great work of art.

1995 BMW M3 3.0


Control and accelleration. You will not be disappointed


Regular maintenance past 100K miles: CV joint, ball bearings, front suspension, front brakes, and rear brakes replaced.

General Comments:

The car is the ultimate driving machine. The year it came out it was the named the best handling car, in cars ranging in price of 30,000 and above. It is the car to which all others look to as a benchmark.

I've driven in a heavily modded Mitsubishi Eclipse that handled very similar. Audi's S4's have very good handling, but not on par with M3's. There are so many m3 wannabe killers out in todays market. However, handling is the one characteristic that can't be touched. The handling is second to none.

The acceleration is pretty good. 0 to 60 in 5.5 s with a manual, about 14 flat in the 1/4 mile. There is a large aftermarket scene for M3's from Schnitzer to Dinan. If you want to make your M3 go faster, turbo and supercharger kits are available.

I've owned a 1988 Porsche 944 turbo and my M3 was a refreshing change. Not only is it quick and the handling is phenomenal. The dependability of the car is above average for a German sport/sedan. No turbo problems, no problems with timing belt. The in-line 6 engine is bullet proof. Hardly any problems. I spent 4,000.00 in 2 months on my Porsche. The car is a money pit.

Probably the only negative aspect about the BMW M3 is the interior. It's not on par with Lexus, Audi, or even Saab's. The interior is spartan, but dooable. I suggest getting a good stereo and enjoy the drive. There are no little neat devices like I've seen in Saab's and Audis.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2004

12th Mar 2005, 10:51

I just got an 95 m3 and it is incredible in every apect definitely commend BMW for this car.

22nd Feb 2006, 14:57

My 1995 M3 was lovingly cared for by its previous owner who had it from new. I have carried on in the same vein for the last three years and only use it between March and November, and even after 80,000 miles the paintwork and the Nappa leather seats are still almost like new. The acceleration is fantastic in all gears and especially responsive even in 5th gear. Road holding and handling is exceptionally reassuring especially when I am driving at speed. I have averaged 25mpg overall since I bought the car which I am very pleased with. As the car cost £45k new with all its extras, I am reluctant to sell it as it is probably now only worth £8 and what can I buy that is comparable for £8k.

1995 BMW M3 3.0



General Comments:

Looks great, sounds great, runs like a scalded cat. Can be driven every day by anybody. However, work the engine and 5-speed gearbox and it becomes a totally different car!

Surprising gas mileage - 22mpg (U.S.) average

Shop around for insurance.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998