17th May 2006, 19:14

I am glad to hear a lot of positive feedback regarding the 95 M3. For a while now, I have been researching and looking for cars that would match up to my needs. I stumbled onto this site and learned that the 95 M3 meets each one of my necessities. This review has definitely corroborated my decision in getting an M3. I once looked at A4's and GTI's, but I learned that their maintenance costs are quite high. Excellent review!

18th Sep 2006, 10:22

I am 16 years old, and my first car was a 93 m3. And I absolutly love it, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Even though I have nothing to compare it to, I still don't think that you could get the amount of power and torque for your money. I bought one in July of 2006 for 11,500 with 104k miles. It now in September had 106k miles. One of my friends dads in 95 bought one brand new, and sold it for a 2001 Porsche Carrara c4, and said the m3 if a much for powerful car, and he also enjoyed driving the m3 more.

13th Jan 2007, 09:07

Gotta love M3's, my 1995 is very fun to drive and has a good amount of power. But I really don't see all the fuss on handling... my first car was a 1989 porsche 944 n/a, of course the m3 is about twice as fast, but the handling of the 944 far surpasses the handling of the M3, and I hate hearing people saying that m3's are one of the best handling cars out there. To be honest I'd much rather have a Porsche 944 turbo than my M3, the only thing stopping me is the high maintenence problems with the 944.

22nd Feb 2007, 12:18

In response to the above comment about the M3's handling. "All the fuss" about this car's handling is that it really does corner like it's on rails. Very good steering response. I own a '98 sedan M3, can't express how great the car is. I owned a few imports before ('97 GSX, '00 Si, '99 A6) none of those come close to the power and handling of this beast. You might want to check out the links and strut bars on your vehicle, as those do go bad in a while. Plus, you should definitely get the tower bar - 20% more handling accuracy if you will. Other than that I don't see why you would even ask "what's the fuss is about"!? Unless you do not own the vehicle yourself?

3rd May 2007, 00:20

I have been researching 95 m3's for a while now, I'm tring to buy one right now, there is a few on the market, but they have over 120k mile on them, I was wondering if they are worth pay about 10,000 for. please let me know what you think.

15th May 2007, 16:11

To the above poster, bmw e36 m3 if looked after, should last way past 120,000 miles. However as to whether you should buy the car depends on what currency/ country you in. £10 000 is far too much as 80-100 000 mile cars can be had for 3500-4000 pounds. If your talking dollars, then I'm not sure, as these cars maybe harder to come by in the us. That aside at current exchange rates that would equate to just over £5000 which in the uk at least is a touch expensive. Hope this is of some help to you.

30th Aug 2008, 22:23

I have a 94 BMW 325is sport package and I've owned a 84 944. I've driven E36 and E46 M3s, and I'm looking into buying an e46, but I have to admit that the handling of the 944 far surpasses that of the Bimmers'.

The M3s are much better all around performers and far more reliable, but I still haven't been able to scare my friends, while going around corners, as I have in my old 944.