2004 BMW X5 3.0i 3.0


Over the top


Back window blew out when I turned on the rear defrost during its first cold winter morning (under warranty)

A/C unit replaced three times during ownership (under warranty)

Complete brake job required at 65,000 kms (a little soon I thought and extremely expensive!)

General Comments:

Very comfortable vehicle and reliable throughout my period of ownership, but, frankly, too big for my personal tastes (I just cannot justify something so large), too expensive to drive and maintain with today's gas prices and too ostentatious (I can afford one, but perhaps I don't need everyone to think I'm an arrogant jerk because of it!).

BMWs have the highest resale value in terms of PERCENTAGES not real dollars. This vehicles may have been worth almost 60% of its original list price when I traded it in earlier this year, but with taxes, etc, I paid a little over $80,000 and begged to get $41,000 on a trade - $39,000 for three years? I could have paid cash for a much more suitable and equally reliable and comfortable Toyota and still had enough for a fine dinner!

I wanted an all-wheel drive wagon because I do a great deal of driving in inclement Canadian weather, but was looking at the 3-series. The salesman talked me and my partner into this monstrosity of a vehicle. It's a fine vehicle just not to my taste.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2007

2004 BMW X5 4.4is 4.4 V8


A real beast


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

This car is QUICK and VERY responsive.

Gas mileage could be better (about 12-14 city, 20-24 on highway)

The car handles like it's riding on rails. at 80mph it feels like 45mph.

The GPS navigation is cool I guess, but in my opinion it could be more user friendly.

The semi-auto steptronic is fun to use, but I find that the "sport" mode does very little in changing performance.

The heated steering wheel is a nice feature in the Minnesota winter.

The rear seats that recline are awesome for kids to play with.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2006

17th Dec 2006, 14:21

I hate to burst your bubble, but the 4.4 is not an IS, it is an I. the only IS model in the X5 line-up is the top of the line 4.8is. the 4.4 is merely the 4.4i.

18th Dec 2006, 21:12

POSTER: my bad I was thinking of the one I wish I had gotten :)

27th Dec 2006, 08:22

You're both wrong. The 4.6 is an IS also, as well as the 4.8is.

9th Dec 2010, 21:31

The X5M is the top of the line.

30th Jun 2015, 05:38

There was no such creation as the BMW X5M in 2004, not until recently.