1996 BMW Z3 Roadster 1.9


Very reliable, fun small car!


Sometimes the gas gauge reads empty, if parked on a hill.

The passenger door rattles when closing it.

Sometimes idles at above-average speed. A quick tap on the accelerator (in neutral) clears it.

Radio is under-powered -- needs more bass.

General Comments:

I love the car for driving around in the city. It parks easily and looks great. The convertible top is fantastic!

It does not seem like the car for long trips -- the trunk is small and the passenger seat does not recline very far. But for normal driving around town, it's very fun.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2006

1998 BMW Z3 Roadster 1.9L


I couldn't be happier with any other car


Valve cover leak.

Leather cracks (lack of maintenance on my part).

General Comments:

Owned for over a year, and have seen few problems.

Beautiful red on tan top and tan leather interior.

Fun to drive, a head turner, reliable, and cheaper to fix than most 6 or 8 cylinder BMWs.

Really good braking distance (saved me enough times), a safe car to drive (air bags, thick metal bars on both bumpers), insurance is fair (not too expensive not too cheap).

Like any other BMW (unlike Toyotas), it requires some maintenance through the year.

Noise level is low with the top down or up, rear window visibility is low especially when raining, driver blind spot check is different from any other car - you actually need lean forward a bit and look through the driver window.

If you wanna keep it in tip top shape, you need another beater for the rain and the snow.

Overall I couldn't be happier with any other car.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2006

1997 BMW Z3 Roadster 1.9 1.9


Aw-inspiring drive


While racing with a couple of friends on bad roads the radiator started to leak and so had to get it replaced. The rear plastic window is really cheap always cracks. Weather sealer on convertible lets in rain sometimes and it drips on my lap between the glass and the top.

General Comments:

A lot of people looks at a car and if its stylish well mostly likely buys it. People who really know about cars think of something else. Not how the car feels, but how you feel in the car. Is every point thought of. How do you make it corner. Can you push it to the limit to which it is built. Can you hear and feel the engine. The vibrations of the muffler.

Over all... it's a pretty decent car. Made a bit on the cheap side due to it mostly being based on the BMW 318i model.

Excellent car design. Definitly turns heads. Never a major machanical problem has accured. Speedy..fast..attractive.. stylish.. Sexy ..vulgar... and to the point. A true ROADSTER...

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Review Date: 12th February, 2006

3rd May 2006, 06:40

Dude! ahaha! You say its stylish sexy and all good, and then you go on to say it's "vulgar". Dude.

21st Jul 2009, 19:49

Test drove a 97' (191,000 miles), total dog, I had three mid eighties Dodge Colts (Mitsubishi), 25% more power and crisper handling, maybe they should make them in Germany.

25th Jul 2009, 17:05

191,000 miles even a BMW will be tired. Test drive something with half that mileage.

1999 BMW Z3 Roadster


Z3 has terrific handling


Nothing wrong.

General Comments:

Car has great acceleration. Precise handling. Fun to drive with top down.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2004

2000 BMW Z3 Roadster 2.8


I wish I could afford a Boxster!


So far nothing major, just the steering has a mind of its own.

The ride is rough, and unstable. I get the tires rotated and balanced constantly, the ride never really changes.

It's impossible to use the CD player, the radio's sound is less than average.

General Comments:

It's a great driving car on smooth open roads and highways.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2004

28th Jan 2008, 14:44

Hang on a second, is the owner certain that they are referring to a BMW Z3, as I'm certain that they are talking about an Escort with a cvh engine!!! Perhaps they should take a longer drive in this car and realise that they are talking total JUNK, Have a nice day.