2000 BMW Z3 Roadster 2.3 2.5L 170HP I6


The ultimate driving machine


The fuel gauge doesn't always register when the tank is filled up.

Driver's seat heat adjustment failed. New motor was put in.

Passenger's seat squeaked excessively, the seat was removed and the track was cleaned.

Radio reception was poor, antenna was replaced.

Screw holes for the License plate were stripped. New brackets were installed.

General Comments:

The car is a rocket.

It will get you noticed! It really turns heads.

Handling is superb! Body lean is virtually non-existent.

The seats are very comfortable.

The sound system (base) is poor for a car of this caliber.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2001

21st Dec 2004, 09:16

I love my car..it's a dream roadster. heads turn and it's a show stopper!

2000 BMW Z3 Roadster 2.3


A sports car worth looking at


I've had absolutely no problems with the car at all.

General Comments:

This car handles really well. It can turn on a dime, accelerate quickly, and has a great turn radius.

Obviously, this is not a car that you'll want to take to the grocery store. There's no trunk to speak of and not much storage available in the cabin.

Controls are conveniently located. This car is very easy to drive.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2001

7th Feb 2002, 13:29

Let's see it beat a 426 HEMI.

1st Feb 2004, 10:59

The Z3 Ugly??? I don't think so. Maybe your're thinking of the new Z4. Granted the Z3 may not be the fastest thing on 4 wheels - but for the price, beauty, and fun factor of driving a roadster it can't be beat!!!

2000 BMW Z3 Roadster 2.3


The best car ever!


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

The BMW Z3 is probably the best car ever. The ride is smooth and very agile. Steering is responsive, the "sweet spot" in the stick-shift version of the clutch is very big, so you can barely not shift smoothly.

I can't wait until the new version comes out, because I'll probably buy it the day it comes out in North America.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2001

25th Sep 2001, 07:11

You Americans seem a little starved of proper sports cars... Z3's are left for dead by little babies like the Fiat Barchetta!

The Z3 is a hairdresser's car - slow, ponderous, and posy.

Take a look at a Honda S2000 - I know you have them in the States - BMW build quality, a proper engine and a real sports car chassis.

Look behind the badge.

By the way - as an all round package, the Barchetta is the best of the lot!