1989 Buick Century reviews from North America

Century 3.3

Reliable, affordable, quick, comfortable transportation

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Century custom V6 3.3

Great Solid, safe, reliable, fun car

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Century Custom 2.5 4 tech

Very reliable and comfortable, "Old Blue" is a great car

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Century Custom 2.5 - Tech 4 cylinder.

Excellent car, totally reliable for the long haul

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Century Sedan 3.3 Liter V6

For a old century, it's a fast little car

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Century Custom 2dr. 3.3L

Absolutely phenomenal car, safe and reliable!!!

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Century Custom 3.3L V6

A true BEAST!

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Century Custom 3.3 V6

Ultra reliable, quick and invisible to cops!

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Century Limited 3.3L V6

A great car with lots of unappreciated qualities

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Century Limited 3.3 V6

Everything in a FWD mid-size car a lifelong GM fan has asked for!

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Century Custom 3.3

A perfect sleeper!

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What a great car

Century Limited 3.3L V6

Waste of money in this day and age.

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Century Custom 3.3L V6

A great car for a good bargain

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Century Custom 3.3L V.6.

A really good deal for a great car

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Century Custom 3.3 V6

Smooth and strong traveller

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Century Limited 3.3 Litre V6

A dependable good riding car

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Century Custom 2.5 Tech 4

A reliable and dependable car

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Century Custom 3.3

A great car... very reliable for 12 years

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Century Custom V6

Outstanding car!!!

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