LeSabre Custom 2 door HT 350 Buick

This is a beautiful car from the past and she stands out in a crowd

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LeSabre 2-door 231 V6

#1 car I've ever owned!!!

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LeSabre Custom 350 C. I.

Quality built car

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LeSabre V8 350

He was given to me, but he is worth thousands in my opinion

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LeSabre Custom V8 350 - 5.7

Very comfortable and really good purchase

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LeSabre Custom 350 V8, Not Original Motor, used to be a 400

A Big, Bad, Gas Sucking Beast

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LeSabre Custom 350 (5.7) Buick

More useful than a Hummer and better looking too.

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LeSabre Custom 5.7 V8 350ci

Perfect example of the most solid, reliable construction of automobile the U.S. had to offer

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