27th Jul 2017, 14:05

I think you have it right. These are often than not mainly opinions, often with sentimentality or other elements expressed on here. Real actual ownership, past or present, has the most interest as you pick up on what to buy and what to avoid. It takes several different commenters to gather facts before you buy that car. I would have never bought my Acura TL Type S if I found this site sooner. Bad trans issues. I do not find a lot of interest in how many tail pipes a car has. Or you are an expert on a large luxury model, but only buy econo cars. Or if they only owned a few cars, but lump an entire manufacturer's line up under a bus. Cars are a considerable financial outlay. Unless a cheap beater.

Lastly, here's the biggest flaw with comments as I see it. Not this site, but with owner care and driving traits. One person is highly diligent with maintenance. Another stretches intervals far too long. Ran it on low dirty fluids. And then it's the vehicles fault on a review. Or they run them too hard. Then terrain, severe climate areas, intense daily traffic etc. Lastly people can be hesitant to complain over a vehicle that they have a financial outlay or payments into. If you actually own the same model, same year and same drivetrain, you have my attention. I don't want to hear about one from 20 years prior. It's different. I feel the site is fine. Identifying a reviewer means they may often disappear or do not answer with actual comment documentation. Just random venting. We can simply skip over comments that are not close to the actual make or era of a review car. And take those comments with a grain of salt.