1976 Buick LeSabre Custom 2 door HT 350 Buick from North America


This is a beautiful car from the past and she stands out in a crowd


The previous owner replaced hoses, radiator, and brakes. I replaced shocks, tires and top.

General Comments:

The car had some paint before I bought it. I replaced the vinyl top and rear bumper filler. I had some more paint work done. Had the painted part of the hub caps to match the body color.

The car gets a lot of looks, and I have had several people say they would love to have it but can't afford to buy it.

The car rides good up to sixty miles per hour, then it has a vibration. I think the vibration comes from the CV drive shaft. The air blows cold with 134a. As usual the clock and radio does not work. The interior is in great shape.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2015

21st Jul 2015, 00:07

I love cars from this era. Such good looks and a size that just demands respect from modern automobiles, not to mention the room and comfortable ride. These land yachts even seem to dwarf the big SUVs of today. It is really sad that Detroit gave up on its roots and has focused all of its energy on copying Japan and Europe. Seems the only remnants of American style are left in trucks and SUVs. 1976 was the last year for the true, no holds barred GM automobiles. FoMoCo and Chrysler would soon follow suit. In hindsight, even the more boring down-sized models from the 80s and 90s would be WAY better than any of the "Large" cars being sold today.

1976 Buick LeSabre 2-door 231 V6 from North America


#1 car I've ever owned!!!


When I bought the car, the brake system needed a complete overhaul. The rear wheel cylinders had seized up because the car had sat in storage for 7+ years. The rear brake line split open the first time I hit the brakes. (This didn't stop me from driving it home from the purchase site though.)

About 3 months after purchase, I had to replace the fuel tank. It had rotted out from being stored with a full tank.

Sometime before I bought the car it was repainted. Now about 4 years after owning it, the clear-coat is starting to peel (buffer burn?, bad prep prior to paint?). Other than that, the car has been very nice to me and still looks sharp for being 30+ years old.

General Comments:

This is the rare V-6 LeSabre. It is not fast off the line, but does get up once it is moving.

The car is very spacious and comfortable.

It has been the center of many family trips and always gains attention. The 2 most common questions we get are "what year is that?" and "do you want to sell it?".

The car floats like a boat and turns with relative ease. I've become very attached to the car and wouldn't trade it for any other.

By the way, the V-6 does ease the woes of gas prices. Sometimes parts are difficult to locate. Last time I bought a distributor cap I had to special order it (took a little over a week to receive). Other than that I can't complain about owning this car.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2008

1st Jan 2009, 12:18

I love the old land yachts, and 1976 was the pinnacle in my opinion. I think modern cars have nothing on the full-size and even mid-size cars of the '70's. I wish they still made them like this, but it seems like every year cars get smaller and more bland looking. I guess as society becomes more and more practical cars like this just don't have any place anymore. But why do people want to drive cars with all of the enthusiasm of their refrigerator? Cars were meant to be more than just basic appliances, or at least they used to be back in the "good old days."