1985 Buick LeSabre Collector 307


It is a great highway car


I bought this car new from the dealer. Before the warranty expired, I had a torque converter problem which the dealer could not confirm. Since I was barely driving, the warranty ran out and later I replaced the torque converter.

It had been garage kept and never driven in rain or winter. It had been sitting in garage for the last 20 years. It is in showroom condition.

I love this Buick.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2016

17th Apr 2016, 03:14

Keep up with fluid and filter changes - especially coolant - the intake manifold is aluminum, and the balance of the engine is cast iron. This combination does not suffer antique coolant gladly ;)

This engine is a mass of vacuum lines. They dry out, and cause drivability problems. Keep an eye on them.

Other than that - enjoy :)

1985 Buick LeSabre Limited (Collectors) 2 door 307 v8


The best Oldsmobile powered Buick


Power antenna, cassette player.

The only time this car was on the side of the road was due to a flat tire.

General Comments:

Super reliable for being driven hard and constant in the 6 years of ownership. The 307 was a good runner, but a little on the underpowered side. Not a single thing went wrong with it. Before this car was an '82 Electra with the same motor, but with a different cylinder head design that had more power.

Interior was handsome roomy and very comfy. The car was loaded with all options minus leather and rally sport wheels. It even had a factory sunroof, which made it fun to drive, and being a 2 door gave it a nice formal look.

After this car came a couple of front drive LeSabres and a Park Avenue over the years. All were great cars, but in my mind the '85 model year was the last for what a LeSabre really stood for.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2015

16th Dec 2015, 17:45

How would you compare the ride quality of the 82 Electra and 85 LeSabre? How would you compare the ride quality of the front drive LeSabre and Park Avenue going over rough roads compared to the older models? Which of your cars did the best in isolating you from bumps, potholes and expansion joints?

1985 Buick LeSabre Limited Collectors Edition 307


Bought it as a backup, now it's a daily driver. Fell in love!


Rear door will not open, inside or out.

A/C clutch.

Squirrelly intermittent wipers.

Tape player failed.

Radio interference.

Cruise not working.

Passenger window will not open.

General Comments:

I bought this car cheap... Real cheap, to use as a backup because the km on my Honda were getting high and costly. After a big tuneup, the Buick was on the road for under $2000. Despite a number of smaller issues, it is easy to forgive the car because it rides so well!

Having owned 35 cars, could this be the best one? Yes! I don't mind throwing some repairs into a car that rides so well. Very quiet, comfortable, and smooth. 20 MPG mixed driving! The seats are incredible and plush, and the interior is Sage Green. It has character, style, and charm. Passengers are blown away by the interior. Outside it's fading.

GM B and C bodies in the 77 to 85 era are winners for their ride and comfort. I've had a few versions, Impala, Caprice, Parisienne.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2015

1985 Buick LeSabre Limited Collector's Edition 307


Amazing vehicle


Nothing has gone wrong since I've had it. I did replace the bumper fillers, head liner, shocks, and a small piece of trim on the blue vinyl top.

General Comments:

The car is almost showroom. It has the original floor mats. I even have the original dealer pricing sticker for the window.

With the new Monroe shocks, it handles like a dream. The cream color exterior paint shines like new, and the interior blue velour is like sitting in the lobby of an expensive hotel.

Every power accessory works like day one.

I actually prefer driving this car over my Lexus or BMW. I park it in the garage, and have observed no leaks on the concrete.

Luckily, the only other owner was a non-smoker. What a vehicle... the pure enjoyment of cruising captured forever.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2013

8th Mar 2013, 08:56

Wow, I feel the same way about my 1993 Geo Metro.

Well, except for the expensive hotel lobby part.

28th Jul 2014, 18:07

Where did you get the two vinyl top replacements?

30th Jul 2014, 13:46

Even more importantly, WHY did you get two vinyl top replacements?

24th Aug 2014, 03:21

Where did you buy the vinyl top trim? Text me at 912-996-7559. Thanx.