LeSabre 3800 series 3.8 liter V6

Big floaty land yacht of a car with surprisingly decent fuel economy

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LeSabre Limited

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Plastic is crap, and GM should be ashamed of themselves

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LeSabre 3.8

Buick engines last forever, but their bodies need a makeover

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LeSabre Limited 3.8

Great car for an old person's ride

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LeSabre Custom


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LeSabre Limited 3.8


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LeSabre Custom 3.8 liter 6-cylinder

Crappy plastic GM part = epic fail

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LeSabre Limited 3.6 V6

Superbly comfortable and good gas mileage

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LeSabre Limited 3.8

Love it

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LeSabre V6

Poor Buick should have recalled this part.. manifold intake

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LeSabre LX 3.8L

Very good

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LeSabre Custom

A good reliable car that gets good mileage for its size

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LeSabre Custom 3.8L V6

This is essentially a good vehicle, but the intake manifold issue is a major disappointment

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LeSabre's are decent, tough cars, but I haven't owned this one long enough to make a comment about i

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Great car till the engine was destroyed by a cheap plastic GM part

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LeSabre 3.8 3.8 6 cylinder

A piece of crap G. M should be ashamed

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