Lucerne CX 3.9

Great car with Buick's old school dependability

263 words, 6 comments

Lucerne CX 3.9

Great car you can count on

344 words, 10 comments

Lucerne CXL Premium 3.9

An OK near luxury sedan

606 words, 6 comments


Lucerne Super 4.6 Northstar V8 H.O.

Classy, luxurious, and more youthful than you would imagine; ditch the old man stigma and try one

867 words, 27 comments


Lucerne CXL 3.8 V6

Like driving a pair of comfortable noise-cancelling headphones

605 words, 7 comments

Lucerne CXL Northstar V8

Perfect all around car with extreme power, reliability and fuel efficiency

131 words, 30 comments


Lucerne CXL 4.6L V8

The best Buick in years!

437 words, 9 comments

Lucerne CXL V6

I only wish I could afford another

173 words, 1 comment