1st Jul 2011, 00:39

Excuse me, but the Camry isn't even a real car, neither is the Corolla. I have never seen such junk in my life. I traded the Corolla a month after we purchased it, and will NEVER buy a Japanese car again, NEVER.

1st Jul 2011, 00:44

From everything I have researched and all the great comments about them, I am sure they are very good cars. We just bought one, but I haven't had it long enough to see. I can tell you the smooth ride is amazing, and the 3.8l engines last a very long time.

1st Jul 2011, 17:20

I bought my 2007 Lucerne with 25k on it.

The first thing that I noticed was the rotors are a little warped; okay, not too bad.

The next thing is my oil level low indicators came on. I was 1-1/2 qts low on oil in 3500 miles. I added oil and then changed oil with Valvoline oil service, and now we are keeping a eye on the oil level every 1000 miles. So far I am right on track 1/2 qt low at 1000 miles. I asked several GM dealerships what is the normal oil consumption range for my 3.8 engine. The answer was 1 qt per 2000 miles. Call your dealerships and ask them the same question. I would like to see GM acknowledge the normal oil consumption range for this car is 1 qt per 2000 miles.

Also my car was GM certified. Good luck with that too.

Signed Ed Gruba, White Bear Lake, MN emgruba@msn.com

Also I love how my Lucerne handles and rides. It is a great car except for the oil burning.

19th Oct 2021, 22:21

I agree completely!!! We had both a 2015 Camry and a 2015 Corolla... They both are like go carts... You feel every little bump and crack in the pavement!!! I am giving back the 2015 Corolla and buying a 2007 Buick Lucerne!! I have sciatic nerve pain.... But I felt very comfortable in the Lucerne!!!

20th Oct 2021, 19:06

I would seriously reconsider buying that Buick. The 2007 Lucerne had numerous problems from electrical, airbags, suspension, ignition switch failures and overheating.

21st Oct 2021, 17:41

Find a 2015-2017 La Crosse V6. Really great with minimum issues. Just watch your foot. Cruise at 75-80 mph, quiet and comfortable.

21st Oct 2021, 17:57

Disagree. The Lucerne had already been out for quite a number of years by 2007, and they had worked out a lot of the “kinks”.

22nd Oct 2021, 17:32

"quite a number of years"? Like, maybe, one, seeing how 2006 was the debut model year for the Lucerne.

23rd Oct 2021, 03:41

Odd. Per some Google searching I couldn't seem to find information on a Buick Lucerne prior to year 2006.

23rd Oct 2021, 16:53

Look at LaCrosse vs Lucerne.

23rd Oct 2021, 19:58

Look further back at the GM G-bodies from before. 2006 does not sound right.

24th Oct 2021, 15:32

Oh yeah the G body Lucerne. Built in "very limited quantities". Forgot about those.

24th Oct 2021, 17:43

Uh huh. The "very limited quantities" guy who ignited all the comments on the 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix review, by insisting that the Buick Lucerne existed prior to model year 2006, is back in action.

24th Oct 2021, 19:42

What does the G body platform have to do with a Buick Lucerne?

25th Oct 2021, 01:16

I'm sorry, but I still wasn't able to find any information on Google regaurding a Lucerne prior to 2006. Not even a G body. Maybe you're confusing the Lucerne with a G body Regal.

25th Oct 2021, 18:00

Don't forget the 1988 Chrysler 5th Avenue review also. They tried to prove it there until the site moderator disabled the comments.

25th Oct 2021, 18:13

It was released as a 2006 model. So there isn't a model year before that. GM didn't produce the model for very long and it was discontinued in 2011. The reviews shows that it's reasonably reliable. The first model design had a 3800 V6 which was probably one of the best engines GM ever made. My Grandmother had a Buick LeSabre and the engine was rock solid. At 260,000 miles the only annoying thing it did was leak oil, transmission and brake fluid. Probably because she basically stopped driving for the last 5 years of her life and the seals dried out.

These were never super exciting, but that wasn't the point. Just another sort of cushy floaty car that was one of the very last of the actual US-based Buick designs before everything went to either Daewoo and Opel platforms.

25th Oct 2021, 18:39

I stand corrected. The Lucerne was a G platform.

25th Oct 2021, 21:08

Here is one from pre-06 asking about a block heater, and the poster is worried that it may be such a common question that he apologizes upfront if it’s a repeat question.


26th Oct 2021, 16:58

That person corrected himself and said it was a 2010 model year.

26th Oct 2021, 18:58

And if you scroll down a little they admit they put in the wrong year as the thread is related to a 2010 model. LOL!

26th Oct 2021, 19:02

Yes. From years 2006 - 2011 which were the only production years for the Lucerne. Also totally unrelated to the body on frame rear drive G platform from the 80s.