2007 Buick Lucerne CXL Northstar V8 from North America


Perfect all around car with extreme power, reliability and fuel efficiency


The tires are very sensitive. I had to get the 2 front tires replaced at about 500 miles.

The seats are a little hard, and they are starting to become loose.

General Comments:

I have the Northstar V8 Engine with near 300 horsepower, and for the first time, a car that combines power with great fuel efficiency (about 28 MPG highway from my experience)

It has a very quiet cabin, being that it has a V8.

The seats are moderately hard, but the heated seats work miracles.

The GPS Navigation is very accurate, but the screen very bright when driving at night.

Comes with a HUGE list of standard features, but exhaust tips and cargo net should be standard.

* All around better car than my last car: a 2007 Toyota Camry SE*

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2007

3rd Oct 2007, 09:19

Why do people insist on continuing this Buick vs. Toyota battle? I find it hard to believe that the '07 Camry this person had was so awful that they traded it for a Lucerne. That was an obvious stab at Toyota so that one more person could talk about how much better "domestic" cars are when they are really about equal anymore.

We just purchased an '07 Camry to replace our Buick, but we had no problem with the Buick except that it was getting old and we wanted something fresh. We looked at another Buick because we were really thrilled with the one we had, but the new ones were just out of our price range and the Camry satisfied all of our needs. I can say that our Toyota and our Buick were just about equal, the only differences being that the Buick had a little more power and the Camry's build quality is slightly better.

If people are going to start comparing the Lucerne to Toyota products, at least compare them to the Avalon, as the Lucerne is closer in price and design to it that the Camry.