2011 Buick Lucerne CX 3.9 from North America


Great car with Buick's old school dependability


Nothing so far!

General Comments:

Was looking at BMW or Lincoln when I found this sitting out front of the GM dealer. One owner car, full dealer maintained from new with only 18,000 miles on it!

These cars are super quiet and are the last of the full size GMs; wasn't even what I was looking for, but after testing driving it I bought it.

The interior is straightforward and nice; it reminds me of the last gen Town Car dash (not as nice though). The ride is very good, one of the better cars I have been in, but not the best. The seating position is possibly the best I have found, however the actual seats could be better.

Performance is acceptable, but not great. The big push rod V6 gets where you're going, but isn't gonna win any races. Averaging 9.8 50/50 mix driving in winter.

All in all, it's a very nice car, with a good mix of MPG and luxury. I started my search looking for a 2011 Town Car, however I had a hard time finding a good one in my area without fleet service. I was then looking at Lincolns or BMW, when I found this car, but can't complain about a now 5 year old car with 18,000 miles on it for 1/3 what I would have paid new, still with dealer warranty. Would definitely recommend this car unless you are looking for spirited driving; then you will definitely hate it LOL. I would have liked something a little more exciting to drive, but couldn't pass this up!

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Review Date: 18th January, 2016

10th Oct 2016, 05:31

Original owner.

60,000km, it appears the intake gasket has massively failed along the driver's side. Taking it back to the dealer Tuesday.

28th Apr 2017, 04:16

Sounds like old school GM, alright!

18th Aug 2019, 18:51

Sounds like current GM, too. The bailout only rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic.

20th Aug 2019, 01:18

I highly recommend grabbing a loaded LaCrosse with 6 cylinders while you can. We now own 2 and it's a great daily driver that’s cheap to buy. Park it anywhere and service it anywhere. We have bought 6 figure cars and you can’t take them to malls, grocery stores etc without worrying over them. I am tired of crossovers and SUVs. But people like them over versatility. Buick’s are nice full size cars.

20th Aug 2019, 17:18

The 2020 models are out. What current GM is your beef about?

22nd Aug 2019, 17:40

2005 Park Avenue/Lesabre were the last of the traditional full size Buick line with the 3800 V6 under the hood. Probably the best and most durable V6 ever produced.

2011 Buick Lucerne CX 3.9 from North America


Great car you can count on


Oil pan gasket at 7000km.

Trim on driver's door twice around 20,000km.

Air ride line somehow broke in the winter at 60,000km.

All repairs done under warranty.

General Comments:

I bought this car brand new after owning 6 or so GMs based on this architecture; I figured I was safe with buying the Lucerne. I ordered this car with cloth and a bench seat, plus all the comfort features I wanted.

Noise: This car is sarcophagus quiet; you shut the door and it's like you're in a tomb. It is incomparable to anything I have been in under 100,000 (Lexus, Infiniti, BMW, Merc, Lincoln). When you do some digging online, you can find that Buick spent a lot of time ensuring this car would take on a lot of tier 1 luxury cars in terms of interior sound.

Ride quality: I give 7/10, now I have been in smoother cars. The only things that come to mind are the Roadmaster and the Town Car. I owned a Park Avenue Ultra before this, and I do find the Lucerne to ride slightly nicer and it's a fair bit quieter. For uni-body cars for the time being, I think this is as good as it gets.

Engine: Although the 3900 does a decent job at getting you up to speed and giving you passing power, it's not the best. If I would have spent more time test driving, I would have bought it with the V8. The 3900 isn't a bad engine, I will pull low 30s for MPG on the highway, but I would have preferred the 3800 for peace of mind. I would have liked to see this car with a 3800 or a 3800 S/C for 2011.

Overall this is a very nice safe highway cruiser, and I'm sad to see this platform go. IMO I think this platform from GM could go toe to toe with any other manufacturers in terms of reliability. After driving quite a few new cars, there is nothing that can compare in terms of smooth ride and cab quietness.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2014

27th Apr 2014, 17:05

I am glad to read you are happy with your Lucerne. I also purchased one brand new in May of 2011 and regretted the purchase almost from the beginning. Like you I had previously owned 2 Park Avenues, the last one being a loaded 2005 non-Ultra. I loved that car and felt the Lucerne did not measure up to it in most ways. I just felt the Park Avenue had a lot more luxury features and creature comfort, and I like the classic traditional styling much better. Unlike you, I thought the Park Avenue with the Dynaride suspension rode a lot smoother than the Lucerne, unless the Lucerne was fully loaded with people, then it was about equal and the nod might even go the Lucerne. My Park Avenue also got somewhat better fuel economy than the newer car, even though it was larger!

I ended up buying the Lucerne because I figured it would probably be the last larger Buick with a bench seat. My car was plagued with factory paint issues that the dealer never was able to fix to my satisfaction, and that is ultimately what turned me against a car I was never crazy about to begin with. I only ended up keeping it for 10 months before trading it for a 2012 Enclave, which I am now leasing.

Oddly enough, I currently plan to buy a used low mile Cadillac DTS, which shared the same platform with the Lucerne, when my lease on the Enclave is up next year. I like the more traditional styling of the Cadillac a lot better, plus it seems to have most of the features that were omitted on the Lucerne that my Park Avenues had.