Regal Custom 2.8 V6

One of the best Buick Regals on the American road

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Faithful car

247 words

Regal Custom 2.8 V6

Incredible Dollar Value

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Regal GS 3.1

138 words

Regal Custom 2.8

Nice ride

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Regal V6 3.0L

Started off as a great car then lots of problems late

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Regal 2.8

It has served me well

84 words, 3 comments

Regal Custom 3.1L

Great buy for the low dollar

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Regal Limited 2.8 MFI

Expensive junk

104 words, 3 comments

Regal Custom 2.8 Multi Port FI

A nice bang for your buck

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Regal Limited 3.1 Liter

When something goes wrong, everyhing goes wrong

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Regal Limited 2.8L

A wonderfully reliable car that gets you where you want to go and saves you money!

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Regal Limited 2.8

Like it... Would get another

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