Regal Custom Coupe 2 door 3.8L V6

A quality, comfortable, reliable car that has served me well for over 25 years & still going strong!

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This car is beautiful, it was my first car and I love it

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Regal Limited 3.8

2-door tank that served me well

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Regal Limited 3.8L V6

It's a piece of junk

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Regal Custom 3.1 V6

Reliable, but not fancy... yet!

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Regal GranSport 3.1L

Elegant, reliable, and apparently built to last!

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Regal Limited 3.1L

I like it.!

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Regal two door custom 3.8 tunedport injection

It's a great ride

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Regal GS 3.8

Good balance comfort\handling\mileage

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Regal Grand Sport 3.8L V6

A reliable vehicle with a demon under the hood!!!

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Regal Custom 3.1 Liter

Solid, good performing bargain coupe

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Regal Custom 3.8

Great looking car with good performance

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Regal Custom 3.8 V6

A great car for the money

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Regal Custom 3.1

A great car for a young driver or a small family

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Regal Limited

Don't try repairs at home!

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