Roadmaster Limited 5.7 LT1

The Impala SS and the Roadmaster are the last of their kind

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Roadmaster 5.7 LT1


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Roadmaster Wagon 5.7 Litre - LT1 350

A luxury RWD cruiser that never fails to please

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Roadmaster Estate Wagon 5.7 LTI V8

Excellent example of Detroit's best days

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Roadmaster limited sedan 5.7 LT1

Reliable comfortable fast cruising car

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Roadmaster 5.7

Best Full Size Car Value You Can Own!

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Roadmaster Estate Wagon 5.7V8

The perfect family sized wagon with room for kids, cargo, and even your dog

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Roadmaster Wagon LT1

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Roadmaster Limited 5.7 LT1

The perfect sleeper

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Roadmaster 5.7 V8 LT1

100% pure Detroit muscle

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Roadmaster Limited 5.7L LT1

Better than any powerful luxury import sedan

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Roadmaster Estate Wagon 5.7 Liter LT1 V8

A big muscle wagon

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Roadmaster Estate Wagon 5.7 V8

A wood-sided rocket ship unlike anything else on the road

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