5th Feb 2010, 13:24

I was the LT-1 skeptic - I just think the regular V8 is simpler and more durable.. more tried and true. Personally I would have no use for the extra power anyway, particularly in this type of car.

My personal all time favorite V8 was the Oldsmobile 307, so that might give you some kind of idea what kind of driver I am.

5th Feb 2010, 20:36

To the poster of 5th Feb 2010, 13:24:

Your all time favorite Olds engine is the 307???!!! Let me first tell you that I am one of the biggest Olds fans on the net. The 307 was a weak sister!!! It probably wasn't getting even 1/3 of the horsepower of the 455!

6th Feb 2010, 14:27

Sure, but it was low-compression, super-durable, and got great gas mileage with high-gearing. My kind of engine. I'm a lazy guy, I like to cruise along, and I couldn't care less about lead-footing it. 307 in a nice cushy '82-'84 Oldsmobile 98 is my idea of a perfect car.

But don't get me wrong, the Roadmaster, even with the LT1, is still better than 99% of the cars on the road today.

9th Feb 2010, 18:33

I completely identify with the guy who loves the Olds 307 engine. I have a 1991 Roadmaster Estate Wagon with the 5.0 (only year) and I get between 23 to 30 on the freeway. I sometimes wish I had the LT1 version, but I'm starting to appreciate that I may have the the most preferred drive-train for fuel economy.

The irony is, I posted my fuel economy, in 2005, at www.fueleconomy.gov with a low 10 MPG in ND winter. However, I had serviced my car and changed my driving habits, and now I'm pushing 30 MPG with 238k on the odometer.

I'll be adding a vacuum gauge in the near future to help monitor the engine load, as well a few other mods to help the wagon to yield more MPGs.

Another nice thing about the older Roadmaster wagons, is that they have more factory gauges, unlike the newer 1994-1996 models with LT1.

29th Oct 2010, 03:21

I started this post, and find the comments interesting.

I own a 86 Olds Custom Cruiser equipped with a 307. Mine was the most disappointing car I have owned in years.. It maxed out at 75mph on freeway. Gutless wonder.. I pulled the motor and put in a 350 Olds with Edelbrock cam and aluminum manifold. It helped a bit.. I still have it and use it as a tow vehicle.

The Roadmaster still cruises along, great mileage for such a big car. I plan to put in 3:46 rear gears. Replace the slightly worn carpets.. the driver's footwell is prone to wear.

The only bad news is GM does not stock parts for these cars any longer (at least parts unique to Buicks). I was in a minor collision and had to find my own parts.. The Dinoc wood trim is no longer stocked by any GM dealer. Did find some on E-Bay, which is a close but not perfect match.

Join the Buick forums for help fixing and knowing what can be done to keep your car running well.

5th Dec 2014, 16:31

I've had 4 Roadmasters since 2000. First a 1995, then a 1996, a 1994, and now a 1995. They all had the LTI, and my first 3 got the best MPG, like 18-19 city and up to 25.5 MPG highway. The one I have now only gets 15-16 city and 21 on a good day highway. I've done everything and can't get the good mileage I had with the 1st three.

This one I've replaced the distributor, plug wires and plugs, & water pump at the dealer. Also I've done the fuel pump & fuel filter. Then I did the 2 oxygen sensors, fuel regulator, fuel pump & filter, and air filter.

Now the last time I checked the MPG, I was shocked I only got 13.2 with mostly city and short runs. Could it be the EGR valve or fuel injectors? I still love the car and I will try and find the problem.

I survived hitting a deer at the 50 miles per hour, and it landed on my hood & I fixed it, and then I caught a flying tire that came off a pick up & hit a dump truck, and came back and hit me, taking out my hood and grille. I fixed it again and it looks new. It saved my life, and nothing runs like a Roadmaster.


27th Dec 2021, 21:48

I have a 1995 RM wagon, awesome car, lots of power and thumbs up. Your poor mpg maybe because your RM has the trailer package with higher gearing; check for a mechanical fan and 1 electrical fan; non trailer package RM’s had 2 electrical fans and lower gear ratios.