Skyhawk Custom 1.8

Could not be trusted

94 words

Skyhawk Base 1.8L Gasoline

Two Words: Completely useless

124 words

Skyhawk Custom 1.4 turbo

A great car for the student driver

59 words, 1 comment

Skyhawk Custom 1.8 Litre OverHeadCam

This is one of the best blue-collar, great performance passenger cars of the Eighties

261 words, 2 comments

Skyhawk Limited

You can make lemonade with it!!!

69 words

Skyhawk custom 2 door 1.8

This is the best car I've had yet

88 words

Skyhawk Limited Coupe 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder

Cute little car, but loves to rust

84 words, 3 comments