Skyhawk custom 2.0L

Classic Buick Reliability

71 words

Skyhawk Custom 2.0L OHC/FI

A very good small car

71 words

Skyhawk 2 Door Coupe 2.0 fuel injected SOHC

Reliable and quick for a 4-cylinder

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A wonderful amazing car

444 words, 1 comment

Skyhawk Custom 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder

Comfortable econobox with endless rust issues

586 words

Skyhawk Sporthatch 2.0 ohc

Great little J car

58 words

Skyhawk Custom ?

An extremely reliable vehicle

62 words

Skyhawk Sport/Hatch 2.0 L

A repair nightmare. Stay away

97 words, 3 comments

Skyhawk Custom 2.0

A fun, sporty, economical but ugly car

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