Skylark Limited 2.4L

Best car I ever had

100 words

Skylark Custom 2.4

Good car when not broken

124 words

Skylark Limited 3.1 V6

Luxury car appearance with sports car feel

149 words

Skylark Limited

Extremely happy about this car!!

81 words

Skylark Custom 3.1L V6

Comfortable yet Costly

216 words


The car is one of the best cars I have ever owed

83 words

Skylark Custom 2.4L 4-cylinder

An outstanding, dependable commuter car!

206 words

Skylark 2.4

Cheap to operate..That's about it

164 words

Skylark 4.0

Dependable, but repairs can be expensive

547 words, 5 comments

Skylark Custom 3.1L V6

High maintnance Not one of Buick's best

85 words

Skylark Custom V6 3.1 liter

A high performance bargain with low maintenance

239 words

Skylark Custom 2.4 Liter 4 cylinder

A comfortable ride

148 words

Skylark Custom 2.4 Liter Quad 4

A piece of expensive crap!

353 words, 2 comments

Skylark Custom 4 cylinder

A waste of money

87 words, 2 comments

Skylark Custom 2.4L V4 Gasoline

Another crappy geezer ride

143 words, 1 comment

Skylark Grand Sport 3.1 V6

A sporty Grandpa car

127 words

Skylark Custom 2.4L Quad Four

A good car with high repair costs

149 words


A perfect car for work transportation

60 words, 1 comment

Skylark Custom 3.1 2ND Generation

A four door jet

83 words

Skylark Custom 4.0

Not a great buy!

166 words

Skylark Custom 2.4L V4

A bargain-priced sedan with expensive repairs

99 words

Skylark Custom 2.4

A nightmare from GM

107 words

Skylark Custom 2.4 liter 4 cylinder

Surprisingly reliable car (aside from the typical GM quirks)

98 words

Skylark Custom 3.1

A very nice car

36 words

Skylark Custom 3.1

The most reliable car I ever owned and I highly recommend it for the price

107 words, 10 comments

Skylark Custom 3.1L V6

Not too bad for the price I paid

89 words