1998 Buick Skylark reviews from North America

Skylark Custom 3.1L V6

Reliable, cheap transportation

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Skylark Custom 3.1 V6

I love my car, I'm just afraid to drive it in warm weather

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Skylark custom 3.1

A luxurious, comfortable, stable vehicle with good fuel economy, performance and reliability

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Skylark 4-dr Custom 3.1 V6

Reliable and affordable transportation

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Skylark Custom 3.3

Great car for the price

37 words

Skylark Custom V6

A cheap car at a cheap price

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Skylark Custom 3.1 V6

Great all around

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Skylark Custom 3.1 V6

Great car that handles sweet!

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Skylark Custom V-6

A mistake to get it

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