Catera 3.5

This car is one HUGE ROTTEN LEMON!!!

444 words


Nice comfortable ride

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Catera 3.0

An excellent choice

34 words

Catera 3.0L

Car is good, but has little too many problems

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Catera 3.0 liter

I love my Catera

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Catera Sport 3.0 V6

Looks good sitting in the garage, but hardly ever leaves the yard. Unreliable

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This car is haunted by gremlins

41 words

Catera 3.0L V6

Unsafe and unreliable

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Catera Sport 3.0 V6

121 words


Never buy a Cadillac!

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A disaster for the consumer and there is no recourse whatsoever

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Run! It's not worth a third of the cost!

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Catera Sport 3.0

A neat car for the price

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Catera 3.0L V6

A sport-luxury bargain, new price=$45k, price now=$11k

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Catera Sport and base 3.0 , 6 cylinder

A German sports sedan, with American style

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