Fleetwood Brougham 5.7 V8

A true gem that was my grandmother's pride and joy

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Fleetwood Brougham 5.7L LT1

Great car; would recommend to anyone

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Fleetwood 5.7 V8

Big, comfortable, and flashy - what a Cadillac is supposed to be

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Fleetwood Brougham 5.7 LT1

Why would they stop making such a great car?

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Fleetwood 5.7

The Cadillac Fleetwood, '93 to '96 is the finest car ever made

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Fleetwood 5.7 LT1 V8

A hot rod granny-mobile

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Fleetwood 5.7 LT1

A safe, dependable, luxo-liner

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