8th May 2005, 07:31

I love the car. Gas mileage runs between 21 and 26 MPG. I have 120,000 miles on it and it uses no oil.


10th Jun 2005, 15:22

My 1994 Brougham has been a good car. It gets about 26 mpg on the highway and around 19 to 20 in every day driving. Mine has 180,000. The body has held up well, no rust, and the interior, aside from the dash pad cracking, has held up well also. I have maintained it well so it looks and runs almost like new. Maintenance and repair is expensive when it has been necessary. The engine and transmission have never required anything major. The heads have never been off. The only pesky problems have been electrical. All in all it is a good hi tech automobile with 1960s Cadillac floating ride characteristics and power.

29th Sep 2005, 12:12

These cars are great. Mine has 130,000 on it and runs and drives like new. The gas mileage? Well highway driving we never get less than 21 MPG and up to 26 MPG.

I am going to start looking for another low mileage one as I haven't found another car of its equal.

HLS in NE.

9th Dec 2005, 01:51

In my opinion the 1996 Fleetwood Brougham is car without equal, although it is my first car which I purchased off a funeral home. It is a sedan model with only 110,000 km on it, and in great shape. This car turns heads! A true player's ride.

Pros: Powerful v8 engine, Loaded with Luxury, Collectible, great suspension/ride.

Cons: Difficult to park in city or tight spaces. Some Cadillac parts are costly. Heavy Winter driving can be challenging.

My only complaint is that I did not get a leather interior... its still a cozy velour (must have been an option with funeral home)

6th Apr 2007, 17:36

I just bought my 96 fleetwood and it is one heck of an automobile. Nothing else compares to this new classic.

17th Jul 2010, 17:18

I drive a 93 Fleetwood with 308000 on it. Had the engine upside down to do the oil pump and crank bearings. Did this at 298,000. Still gets great mileage.

Bad things are the dash and driver's seat leather tore. I am told that grey leather Broughams are hard to find used, so looking into other options.

4th Jul 2015, 04:55

Velour doesn't crack after a few years like the cheap leather used in car seats. It feels warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

4th Jul 2015, 20:22

Not all leather is cheap. You can upgrade it, but it may cost as much as your old luxury model. Sit in a Napa leather interior to appreciate it.