Aveo LT

You can certainly choose much better

865 words

Aveo LS 1.6 Ecotec II

Good value for money

165 words, 5 comments


Best buy for the money

224 words

Aveo 1.6L

Great for my long commute, due to good gas mileage

97 words

Aveo Cdn Suzuki Swift + (5) 1.6 16 valves

Inexpensive, a few initial bumps, but turning out to be a good car

159 words, 19 comments

Aveo Base 1.6 Ecotech

Great little car for the money

261 words

Aveo SVM 1.6

Fuel efficiency taken a bit too far

113 words, 3 comments

Aveo LS 1.6 liter


59 words


This car is nice to drive, but it has its problems

185 words, 1 comment

Aveo LT

The car is a lemon

33 words, 1 comment

Aveo Hatchback 1.6

Good gas mileage

69 words

Aveo LT 1.6L 16v E-Tec II

Wonderful Vehicle for the Price

320 words, 4 comments


Great idea, but iffy performance

221 words, 6 comments

Aveo LT 4 cylinder

Pleasant car, less than pleasant experience

245 words, 5 comments

Aveo LS 5 Door 1.6

OK econo-box, poor mileage, so-so handling

192 words, 4 comments

Aveo LS 4 cylinder

This little car is great!

289 words

Aveo LS Sedan 1.6 16v 4

Best Car I've ever owned

35 words, 7 comments