A super reliable machine, even at 29 years old

397 words

Nova CL 1.6

Love it, love it forever

48 words, 2 comments

Nova 1.8

Awesomely reliable, low cost vehicle

272 words

Nova 1.4L

The little car that could

331 words

Nova Hatchback 1.4

Keep it happy and it won't fail you

333 words, 1 comment

Nova Hatch 1.6 Carb

I love Toyotas!!!

207 words

Nova 1.6L

Good gas mileage for the gutless wonder!

153 words


If you only have $500, buy this car

293 words

Nova 1.4

This car was a legend in its own time

238 words, 4 comments

Nova Base 1.6

I can't' believe this thing's durability/reliability!

177 words, 1 comment

Nova Limited Edition 1.6

Loveable car

280 words, 1 comment

Nova CL 1.6 cc

Most economical car imaginable

134 words

Nova 1.6 liter

This car is a great bargain and very reliable

192 words

Nova 1.6L L-4

Futuristic Nova Super Sport!

37 words

Nova 1.6

Go and go and go and go

137 words, 4 comments

Nova 1.6

23 words