1986 Chevrolet Nova from North America


A super reliable machine, even at 29 years old


I replaced a lot of things that were ignored by the previous owner... but feel like nothing has "gone-wrong".

Wiper motor failed, thermostat that regulates the cooling fan as well as the fan motor, valve cover gasket replaced. Other than that, only routine maintenance has been necessary.

General Comments:

Bought this car sight-unseen from a friend of a friend for $500. At the time I lived in a city and just wanted something that would get me a few miles back and forth for laundry/food shopping etc. I thought it would last me a year or so, but it is turning out to be super reliable and worth every penny.

I have since moved out of the city and into the country where I belong, and use this car as my daily driver/commuter. It has even managed to take me to Maine (from NY) and back, fully loaded with camping gear and two bikes. Got a little hot after 10 miles of a continuous incline over the Berkshire mountains... but it did it!

I got my car caught up on the routine maintenance that the last owner didn't do. Full exhaust, radiator, timing belt, water pump, distributor, suspension and new tires. All of it is worth it considering this little guy has ZERO rust and only 75,000 miles... still a baby. Since this was kept in a garage, all the interior upholstery and dash are in perfect condition. The paint is still shiny! And no rust! The headliner is starting to fall off though.

As for actually driving this thing; I kind of like that it drives like a go-kart. It's obviously not a performance car, but it is responsive and nimble. Takes a while to get up to speed, but it handles and rides very smooth on the highway. Handles better than my mom's Prius in the snow. Gets 27 MPG on average. Would like to rebuild the carburetor eventually. It sometimes has a slight hesitation, but I can live with that.

I know this car is not very exciting (mine is drab gray), it has the same horsepower as a Smart Car and only has 4 programmable radio station buttons, but I love this car for its reliability and simplicity. I am not fond of frills and enjoy rolling my windows up and down. I like old, solid well made machines that stand the test of time.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2015

1986 Chevrolet Nova CL 1.6 from North America


Love it, love it forever


The best auto I have ever owned. Never had the head off, or a new clutch. Very few problems. Only let me down one time, love this car & would buy a new one if they were available.

The car is a hatchback with a great rear view.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2013

12th May 2013, 19:41

What year did you buy it?

13th May 2013, 10:43

It's a rebadged Toyota Corolla. That might be part of the reason why it is so good.

1986 Chevrolet Nova 1.8 from North America


Awesomely reliable, low cost vehicle


Replaced water pump @ 220K miles.

Replaced timing belt @ 220K miles.

General Comments:

Wow, I don't know what to say. Bought the car for $200 from a friend just for my 70 mile a day commute, and ended up loving the car. Of course it had its faults, like every other car out there, but compared to previous vehicles I have owned, the pros outweigh the cons every time.

I put over 50K miles on the car in just over a year, and this car performed flawlessly. Always started, though sometimes it took a little bit if it was below zero, but it never let me down. Like someone else said, this is the little car that could. I had to replace the water pump because it started leaking out of the weep-hole, and while I was in there, I replaced the timing belt. Other than that, the only thing I did to the car was routine maintenance.

When I sold the car, it was still going strong on the original clutch, which seemed to me impossible, but I had all of the maintenance records since new (bought it from the original owners), and nowhere in there did they mention a new clutch.

This car was just amazing; sure, the seats weren't that comfortable, but they weren't uncomfortable, the windshield leaked when it rained hard, but I fixed that with some silicone. The car was rusty, and dented, but it has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. It took everything I threw at her with a rusty, trusty grace, and always kept chugging along. Heck, the AC still worked!!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2009