1986 Chevrolet Nova Base 1.6 from North America


I can't' believe this thing's durability/reliability!


CV boots cracked open, rear brake shoes wore out, battery needed replacing, and alternator brushes need replacing, tires are now worn out.

General Comments:

I can't believe this car is still running! I had bought it with intentions of it only lasting me until I bought my next 325is E30, but it hasn't died yet! I get unbelievable gas mileage, especially on the highway (400-550km per tank).

I had bought this car from my mechanic who had purchased it from the Kidney foundation. It was originally a donation car.

The only complaint that I have, is that the car has rusted out terribly. The front fenders have rusted through, and the rust is now attacking the rear quarter panels. I believe that this is because the previous owners did not wash it (elderly couple)

When I had bought this car, friends of mine made fun of me, saying that I was only a margin away from taking the bus to school. 2 years later and they still can't' believe that the car is running, especially in sub -20C temperatures!

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Review Date: 8th August, 2004

11th Mar 2005, 15:05


After wearing out the tires, replacing a battery that was just too old, and letter her slowly rust away, the car has yet to die. I dunno what keeps these things going, but I've attempted to replace the car with a 94 Ford Aspire. What a terrible mistake this was, as the Ford may be better on gas, but it lacks the upper end power that the Nova had.

I think I'm gonna sell the Aspire, and go back to my Nova and invest a good 500 CAD in her body and get her up to snuff.

1986 Chevrolet Nova Limited Edition 1.6 from North America


Loveable car


Front/rear brakes, gas tank/filler neck, all fuel lines, exhaust.

General Comments:

I haven't owned this car very long, but I do have a few things to say.

It is an all around good car.

It's pretty peppy for a 4 banger. The 1.6 is quicker than all 3 of my Plymouth Reliant 2.2's.

But in-spite of all that, I've had it 2 weeks and it's in the shop right now. I'm doing all the work on it in my auto tech class. Well I brought it in because I had got 3 tickets; loud exhaust, unsafe tire, and speeding :<

Anyways, my fuel gauge started acting up and I had a fuel leak, so I dropped the tank to fix it, only to my dismay, to find lots and lots of rust. My filler neck had holes the size of golf balls in it, and my fuel lines were so brittle, they broke right off the tank. Well I tried to order the new parts like the filler neck and the sending unit like piece (with no fuel pump, that's under the hood on this car), only to find out the Limited Edition on the side of the car means rare, hard to find parts. Napa, AutoZone or Parts America had the parts I needed, and I have to go through a dealership for the parts. Despite all that, I still love this car as of right now. C'mon, I bought it for a hundred bucks after dumping thousands into my last 3 K-cars. And it did sit in my friend's yard for like a year and a half with NO gas in it, so fuel system problems were expected. <3rd owner>

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2004

17th Mar 2004, 09:51

Your's sounds like a Twin-Cam model. Exceptionally rare indeed! I'm looking for a Nova 16-valve DOHC. If you want to sell it or know of where I can find one, please let me know. I have a standard 1.6-liter 8-valve for now. Thanks.

1986 Chevrolet Nova CL 1.6 cc from North America


Most economical car imaginable


Headliner, replaced three times.

All four struts, replaced every 30,000 miles.

Valve seals, replaced at 120,000 miles, did not remove the head to replace seals.

Clutch, replaced at 130,000 miles.

Timing belts and other standard maintenance on advertised schedule.

Color has completely vanished from many of the interior trim components.

A/C compressor replaced at 300,000 miles.

Radiator replaced at 330,000 miles.

General Comments:

I have done all the maintenance on this care myself, it is easy to repair and the most reliable vehicle I have. The car still gets 30 miles to the gallon and has only failed emission test once because it needed a new catalytic converter. I still drive it daily to work. It has many battle scars on the paint and body. The car still performs well enough to be fun to drive.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2002